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15 Best Coworking Space in Noida

15 Best Coworking Space in Noida - Qdesq

Noida or The New Okhla Industrial Development Authority is a developed area in the Gautam Buddh Nagar region in Uttar Pradesh making it a perfect location for coworking space in Noida. It is India’s greenest city, with around 50% green cover. The city is well-planned, with six-lane roads, and it is also renowned as a hotspot for mobile app development and software firms.

Large corporations like Microsoft, Arm Holding, HCL, Samsung, and Barclays have built headquarters in the city, making it appealing to young people looking for work.

Noida, being the home of the most innovative start-up, PayTm, is a beacon of hope for a variety of small and large-scale enterprises.

15 most distinctive coworking spaces in Noida that are perfect for businesses of all sizes:

Table of Contents

  1. Amigo Coworking Space in Noida
  2. WorkEdge Coworking Space in Noida
  3. DevX Coworking Space in Noida
  4. Aspire Labs Coworking Space in Noida
  5. Awfis Coworking Space in Noida
  6. Unboxed Coworking Space in Noida
  7. Oqtagon Coworking Space in Noida
  8. MyBranch Coworking Space in Noida
  9. InstaOffice Coworking Space in Noida
  10. 91Springboard Coworking Space in Noida
  11. RevStart Coworking Space in Noida
  12. MiQB Coworking Space in Noida
  13. Execube Coworking Space in Noida
  14. Kocreate Coworking Space in Noida
  15. Let’s Connect Coworking Space in Noida

  1. Amigo Coworking Space
  2. Amigo Coworking Space in Noida - Qdesq

    Amigo is a Spanish word that means “friend.” We were inspired by the name to create the best coworking space in sector 8 Noida. Amigo is a gathering place for creatives, people, freelancers, self-employed, students, designers, artists, and others to share their workspace.

    There are no leasing restrictions, and the office is fully operational. Colours, modern décor, a clean/quiet work environment, a convenient location, and a new gym are just a few of the reasons to select Amigo.

    It is easily accessible via the Sector 15 Noida Metro Station, which is about 2 kilometres away.

    High-speed Internet, unlimited tea/coffee, quality printing, professional security, a chill-out zone, enough parking space, and a snooze room are just a few of the modern conveniences accessible in this location.


    C25, C Block, Sector 8,

  3. WorkEdge Coworking Space
  4. WorkEdge Shared Office Space in Noida - Qdesq

    WorkEdge Coworx is the most dynamic and adaptable provider of coworking space in Sector 63 Noida, as well as the most sought-after provider of workplace solutions in all of Noida.

    Cutting-edge technology is prevalent here, and collaborative creativity is the norm. Our coworking spaces and other sorts of handy office spaces in Noida are designed specifically for freelancers, start-ups, entrepreneurs, and new age corporations.

    This location provides excellent working areas at reasonable pricing. This area allows for collaboration, innovation, and networking. This 16-seat open desk may be reserved on a daily basis. This location is easily accessible via public transportation.


    B-23, Sector-63

  5. DevX Coworking Space
  6. DevX Shared Office Space in Noida - Qdesq

    DevX, a coworking cum accelerator has its wings spread to multiple avenues of the value chain within the space and innovation well-aligned with the fundamentals of the business from day Zero.

    It acts as a catalyst to the blooming startup ecosystem by providing the required business assistance to startupreneurs, SMEs and corporates that will boost the pace of innovation and unleash the true entrepreneurial spirit amongst the youth.

    Ergonomically constructed tech-enabled workspaces to support and facilitate work. Their coworking space also has a similar thread of growth, which is powered by their community-based strategy, which allows you to network with like-minded and experienced industry professionals.


    10th Floor, Tower A, Logix Cyber Park Plot C-28 and 29, Sector 62,
    Noida, 201031

  7. Aspire Labs Coworking Space
  8. Aspire Labs Managed Office Space in Noida - Qdesq

    Aspire Labs coworking space in Sector 1 Noida separates itself from other Noida coworking spaces by offering spacious and convenient workstations, natural light and views, a wide variety of delightfully created breakout places, a video recording room, and luxury conference and meeting rooms in a central Noida–NCR location.

    Their architecture is one-of-a-kind and well-balanced to encourage innovation, originality, and design thinking, as well as to develop high-quality experiences for your employees, colleagues, and visiting mentors, and corporate clients.


    Aspirelabs Accelerator,Ground & Mezzanine Floor,Tower-B,B-37, Sector -1,

  9. Awfis Coworking Space
  10. Awfis coworking space in Noida - Qdesq

    Awfis is one of India’s fastest growing coworking spaces. It has also increased its presence in Noida, with a total of eight facilities located around the city. This coworking space in sector 62 Noida has some amazing features.

    Furthermore, you may easily hire a workstation on the moment. You may make use of cutting-edge amenities that will help you in your job with cheap membership levels.

    You may use the Awfis centre in any place in India after you become a member. Isn’t it a huge benefit? There’s more; they also provide concierge services.


    The Corenthum 7th Floor, Tower B,
    Sector 62, Noida

  11. Unboxed Coworking Space
  12. Unboxed shared office space in Noida - Qdesq

    Unboxed is an innovative coworking space in sector 65 Noida that is suitable for anyone searching for a place to work on their ideas. It is a Noida-based interpretative coworking space that tries to create the optimum work-life balance.

    It’s a terrific venue to establish a firm, with a capacity to support more than 150 entrepreneurs. Unboxed has grown 50 times in the last two years and now provides a wonderful work environment with huge, open workstations, groomed green spaces, high-speed internet access, and good coffee.

    The well-designed coworking space, integrated work culture, and lively community make it ideal for freelancers, entrepreneurs, small teams, and professionals looking for a different way to work.


    C 15, C Block Road, C Block, Sector 65,

  13. Oqtagon Coworking Space
  14. Oqtagon Managed Office Space in Noida - Qdesq

    At Oqtagon Coworking Space in Noida, you may not only work but also exchange your creative ideas and views with your colleagues from other sectors.

    This 10,000-square-foot facility includes fully functioning workstations designed for your comfort while working. In addition to Hot Desks, Flexi Desks, Cabins, and Meeting Rooms, there are Lounges with Sofas where you may rest or network. It is close to Noida’s Sector-62 Metro Station.

    More than just being one of the finest places to work, their ideas and values transcend beyond their physical area, allowing members of the community to cooperate with one another and people from other industries in order to create, flourish and develop.


    Netsity House, F-296,Sector-63,

  15. MyBranch Coworking Space
  16. MyBranch Coworking Office Space in Noida - Qdesq

    MyBranch Services Private Limited is a Narayan Bhargava Group affiliate. It is the first Indian enterprise to establish a new market by offering fully equipped branches throughout the world.

    With a capacity of 400 individuals, the coworking space in Sector 107 Noida has the company’s largest location. The Cafeteria can comfortably seat more than a hundred people. The Coworking Premises has eight storeys in total. There is also a Smoking Zone and an Entertainment Zone.

    Aside from that, clients can select their office site based on Vastu principles. They also provide Branding options within the building.

    This Noida coworking space has been at the forefront of reimagining market expansion as an experience, offering new services, and allowing customers to simplify their requirements and immediate appearance anywhere in the globe in the shortest length of time, both in India and overseas.


    Chandra Heights Plot No. 694M, 696M, Dadri Main Rd, Salarpur Khadar,
    Sector 107, Noida

  17. InstaOffice Coworking Space
  18. InstaOffice shared office space in noida - Qdesq

    InstaOffice is a recently established coworking space in sector 16 Noida that provides the greatest facilities. Their offices are well-known for providing 24-hour office access, sanitation, WiFi connectivity, tea/coffee makers, and so on.

    They give offices in great locations and on the ground floors in the vast majority of situations, with business convenience and standards in mind. If you want to modify the package, all you have to do is meet with the specialists at the Work Yard office and discuss your options.

    The InstaOffice is well-known for providing virtual office services in addition to co-working facilities.


    A-12/13, A Block, Sector 16,

  19. 91Springboard Coworking Space
  20. 91Springboard coworking office space in noida - Qdesq

    91SpringBoard is a high-end property in the neighborhood. It offers beautiful workplaces as well as all the conveniences you’ll need to get started.

    The offices are ready to go right away, with a plug-and-play environment that promotes collaboration, innovation, and efficient operations.

    Layout, memberships, and other features may be readily customized to meet the unique needs of your team, the type of business you’re in, and the long-term vision for your firm.


    A-130, A Block, Sector 63,
    Noida, Uttar Pradesh 201301

  21. RevStart Coworking Space
  22. RevStart managed office space in noida - Qdesq

    RevStart is a coworking space in sector 125 Noida that offers exceptional resources to entrepreneurs, startups, and small companies such as coworking, incubation, and development. The brand was founded and marketed by Mr. Ishan Singh, a seasoned entrepreneur and businessman.

    In Noida, RevStart is a great workplace for all types of clients, including freelancers, entrepreneurs, and corporations, thanks to its modern infrastructure and futuristic, cutting-edge services.

    Six flexible membership types are available: Dedicated Seats, Private Cabin Seats, One Day Passes, Part-Time Schedules, Virtual Offices, and Flexible Seats.

    It is close to the Noida Expressway and the Okhla Bird Sanctuary Metro Station. For the last two years, RevStart has operated a coworking space at this physical site, which presently houses over 60 start-ups.


    Eco Tower, Plot no. A 14, 7th Floor, Sector 125,
    Noida, Uttar Pradesh

  23. MiQB Coworking Space
  24. MiQB coworking office space in noida - Qdesq

    MiQB provides “Plug n Use-Executive Workspaces” to entrepreneurs, allowing them to start, innovate, and expand their businesses.

    The MiQB Executive Coworking Facility is a 45,000-square-foot coworking space in Sector 58 Noida, with dedicated gaming, relaxation, work, and conference room.

    There is tea, coffee, a yoga studio, a meditation room, high-speed internet, air conditioning, and a variety of other workplace facilities accessible. This Noida coworking space is a 10-minute walk from public transit and the Noida Sector-62 Metro Station.


    C-25 Sector 58,
    Noida, Uttar Pradesh

  25. Execube Coworking Space
  26. Execube coworking space in noida - Qdesq

    Execube is a well-equipped coworking space in sector 4 Noida that serves a diverse range of clients, from freelancers to huge corporations. To support the body structure, aerodynamic furniture is offered in the office.

    You will also tour, greet, and dine at their opulent rooftop café. Because their cafeteria includes innovative drinks and nutritional snacks, it is the greatest option for members who are concerned about their health.

    This facility is conveniently located near the Noida Sector 16 Metro station. This is the impetus behind many shared workplace concepts: to bring individuals together who have common aims.

    Giving you the freedom to connect with them as much or as little as you like might lead to your next great initiative. Shared workspaces provide you with access to various sorts of work as well as workflows that might benefit your firm.


    A3, Ground Floor, Block A, Sector 4,
    Noida, Uttar Pradesh

  27. Kocreate Coworking Space
  28. Kocreate shared office space in noida - Qdesq

    Kocreate is a coworking space in Sector 126 Noida that believes in establishing an atmosphere where you can focus on your work while they take care of all the details. Beautiful, high-end workplaces with a lot of energy, a collaborative environment, utilities, like-minded people, and a community to grow with.

    You may discuss with management how they can assist you and your team in creating a personalized, flexible, and exciting environment! This is an excellent place for entrepreneurs, businesses, mentors, and much more.

    This is the impetus behind many shared workplace concepts: to bring individuals together who have common aims. Giving you the freedom to connect with them as much or as little as you like might lead to your next great initiative.

    Shared workspaces provide you with access to various sorts of work as well as workflows that might benefit your firm.


    Tapasya Corp Heights,3rd Floor, Tower A, Sector 126, Noida,
    Noida-Greater Noida Expressway, Uttar Pradesh

  29. Let’s Connect Coworking Space
  30. Let’s Connect coworking office space in noida - Qdesq

    Let’s Connect has grown from a modest coworking space in Sector 59 Noida to currently owning top coworking locations, making it a well-known platform.

    The concept of coworking, which originated in Silicon Valley, has seen significant expansion throughout the world due to its numerous benefits, and we at Let’s Connect joined them in 2018 to be on the right track in modern India.

    The success of Let’s Connect’s in the sector was due to opportunities and space in the market for Coworking.


    D-41, Sector 59,
    Noida, Uttar Pradesh


That concludes our list of the best coworking spaces in Noida. If you want to work from home, renting out space in any of these locations may be the ideal option.

We sorted everything out for you so that you are enthusiastic about growth and achievement and will not give up! Coworking is great fun. Please let us know if you have explored any of the above coworking space options or if you want anything modified.

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