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5 New design trends to dominate the workplace

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Smaller and simpler things make a host of differences for occupants in office design. Designing a 21st-century workplace is all about offering a more holistic experience to staff and ultimately, office design is now all about designing that experience. Here are 5 workspace Design trends that dominate:

Cubicle farms are past now

Robert Propst designed the first cubicle. Propst designed an office that had a huge desk, a space for making phone calls, and a partition for privacy. In the 21st century, this stands outdated and employees hate it as they feel confined to a box. New age design themes promote a more open workspace where the communication flow can be seamless. Even seniors are leaving their cabins for being in action and sitting in the middle of the workspace to reduce the barrier of hierarchy and indulge in conversations that promote innovative ideas from all corners.

Modular lounges to keep mind recharged

Coworking spaces have come a long way in designing comfortable and open lounge area that invites conversation among its occupants. Sitting on a chair for long hours invites a host of diseases and doctors also suggest some basic stretching every 2 hours or so. In coworking space employees can stretch out on a couch in their break time and unwind themselves. This has proven to increase productivity along with inviting healthy conversations.

Vibrant interiors design

Colours play an important role for humans and every color signifies a different type of energy. In the current workspace design theme, Green has become the new black for designers and they are opening up to using more green shades in the office interiors along with using indoor plants. This promotes harmony and helps in rejuvenation.

Fitness stations to reduce stress

In 24/7 work environment fitness has taken a back seat and employees often cry about lack of time for their fitness issues. To encounter these problems coworking spaces have also been introduced in-house fitness centers to promote fitness and reduce stress. Fitness centers offer a host of facilities such as Yoga, Meditation room, Gym, etc.

Privacy friendly workstations

Privacy is a basic human right and with rising of open workspace without walls makes some employees feel uneasy in that situation. Coworking spaces have started offering mixed workspaces with open workspaces and privacy cubicles. More than privacy, Occupants need to avoid distractions of open workspace and focus on their task. The design of the cubicle is such that it provides employees with some amount of privacy. This doesn’t mean they feel isolated from others as they can choose to interact with others in a common area when they feel comfortable doing so.

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