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5 points you shouldn’t miss while booking a coworking space

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5 points you shouldn’t missing while booking a coworking space

The shift to the coworking spaces is the best decision for any professional in terms of reduced costs and extra amenities. The managed office spaces allow reduced Opex and excludes Capex. However, your office space should be compatible as per the nature of your business.

Here are 5 things you shouldn’t miss before renting a coworking space :

  1. Location:

The coworking spaces are situated at prime locations, although one must carefully access whether the office is easily accessible by you and your team through various means of transport.

  1. Extra Charges:

When you book your coworking space, many benefits like points for meetings rooms are already added in the package. However, sometimes these bookings are charged. So before you settle for a space, understand the services which are charged and the ones which are free so that you can optimize accordingly.

  1. Understand the lease:

Most coworking spaces offer bookings for at least one year with a minimum lock-in period of 3 months. Due to the current times, shared workspaces are also offering contracts for the shorter duration like 1 or 2 months or even day passes.

  1. Compatible Environment:

A coworking space is a shared workspace, with the opportunity to network and collaborate. However, one must analyze the environment of the space you’ll be working out of. To understand, you can work out of different spaces for a day or two and finalize the one that fits your needs.

  1. COVID-19 Safe:

During the current times, a hygienic and sanitized environment is the number one priority for all occupants. Hence, while you’re on visit or trial of a space, analyze how the management is maintaining social distancing, sanitized, mask/gloves etc.

How to book the perfect coworking space?

Qdesq is a premier destination and nation’s largest tech-enabled platform for today’s workforce to search, sort and book a flexible and serviced workspace, without the hassle of a lease or brokerage.

Simultaneously, is an opportunity to the workspace providers (corporate offices, landlords and occupiers, business centres, hotels and coworking spaces) to monetize their unused and vacant workspace inventory of work desks, meeting rooms, cabins, and private suites.

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