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5 Ways to attain clients for your coworking space in 2020

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5 Ways to attain clients for your coworking space in 2020

In the contemporary times, flexible workspaces are increasingly being preferred by today’s workforce. Marketing and advertising have proven a surefire way to gain customers; the strategies, however, has changed over the years. COVID-19 was a key accelerator of change in techniques for customer acquisition earlier this year. The current pandemic has promoted professionals to de-densify their traditional workspaces and work out of fully managed and serviced office. As per the industry experts, flexible workspaces will flourish at an exponential speed in coming months. In the coming era of high demand, coworking space providers have to pull up their socks and establish their centre as the one-stop solution for seekers.

As workforce embraces the trend of work near home, here are 5 ways to attain clients for your coworking space in 2020.

  1. Vocalise on Social Media

An average person spends 2.4 hours each day on social media. Today each and every brand is prioritising their social media strategy and focusing on the narrative. Customers are engaging with brands that they feel most connected to over social media platforms.

As a coworking space provider, one must work out a content strategy which includes highlighting space’s USP, aesthetical images of infrastructure, availability of amenities and the entire vibe of the space. The social media presence will make followers aka potential customers interested and will promote them towards working out of your attractive and highly functional workspace.

  1. Host events

Hosting events is a common yet powerful way to market your shared workspaces. Networking events, incubator programs, inaugurations, healthcare drive, pop-up shops are few of the proven ways to attract prospective customers to space. Even in the era of high reliance on virtual analysis, majority of people still prefer to visit a potential space to use for work or events.

Hosting an event under proper government guidelines while practising social distancing will be an effective technique to welcome customers to tour the centre and get introduced to the various USP’s and advantages of your coworking space.

  1. Gift strategic free services

Everyone adores free services, especially something high functional like professional working space. Coworking space providers can attract clientele by offering strategic services like meeting room points, free event space for less duration of time or hotdesking for a few hours. As professionals get the chance to experience your centre as a part of their working day, they will be able to analyze the many advantages that come with working out of a flexible workspace. Through this exercise, coworking space providers will be able to convert larger clientele as long-term users.

  1. Offer day pass

If providing free services is out of the question for you at the current moment, then offering day pass is equally an effective way to attract customers. Day Passes enables the customer to sit out of a coworking space and experience a productive workday without any long-term commitment. Day Passes are quite offer preferred by digital nomads and sales personnel who are constantly on go or are in the fields. Availability of the flexible workspace allows them to accomplish stability through professional infrastructure on their unpredictable working days.

  1. List your space

When a customer search for flexible workspaces, they prefer to visit a platform that holds an accumulation of serviced and managed offices, as it helps the clients to compare prices and amenities offered. Listing your space on coworking aggregator websites will help you attain substantial attention. Qdesq is the nation’s largest tech-enabled marketplace for flexible workspaces; the free listing platform helps you to be at service to the shared office space seekers.

To sum up

The year 2021 seems extremely positive for flexible workspace providers. The industry has specialised in fully managed spaces to exclude unproductive tasks from the list of a professional while providing a hygienic and sanitized environment. With the right strategies and the consistent implementation, each coworking spaces will witness a huge surge of occupants in the near future.

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