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10 Best Coworking Space in Kochi

10 Best Coworking Space in Kochi - Qdesq

A coworking space in Kochi is a formal arrangement in which employees from many companies share an office space, allowing for cost savings, convenience, and interaction by utilizing common infrastructure. The bulk of coworking spaces is in excellent business locations, which attract individuals who wish to participate in this new culture. And with Qdesq, we assist you to navigate through these hundreds of options in order to help you find the best coworking space in India

Kochi, often known as Cochin, is a densely populated port city on India’s south coast in Kerala. The city is well-known throughout the country for its rich history as well as its technical prowess. Kochi has developed into a major financial hub for Kerala’s state government.

As a result, some of the world’s most well-known industrial and service-based enterprises call it their own. Kochi has surpassed Bangalore as the second most liked start-up-friendly city. In Kochi, the old, boring, and drab office spaces are gradually giving way to a more creative and colourful coworking environment.

Browse these 10 coworking space in Kochi that may be able to assist your company in reaching new heights.

Table of Contents

  1. Incuspaze Coworking Space
  2. Bizcospaces Coworking Space
  3. Incuspaze Coworking Space
  4. Inner Space Coworking Space
  5. InQ Innovation Coworking Space
  6. Incuspaze Coworking Space
  7. Dotspace Coworking Space
  8. Spacelance Coworking Space
  9. Fortune Cowork Coworking Space
  10. KUBZ Coworking Space

  1. Incuspaze Coworking Space
  2. Incuspaze shared office space in kochi - Qdesq

    Incuspaze coworking space in Edappally Kochi at Oberon Mall, a high-end corporate zone. They also offer coworking spaces in Kaloor and Kochi’s Infra Futura, in addition to this site.

    When you go into this Kochi coworking space, you’re greeted by receptionists first, followed by a large lounge area. Furthermore, the coworking space includes an onsite community manager that is in charge of all of your requirements.

    Due to its proximity to key public transit stations and municipal amenities, Incuspaze provides the Kochi coworking community with easily accessible and flexible coworking options.


    34/195, 3rd floor NH bypass, Padivattom, Edappally
    Kochi, Kerala 682024

  3. Bizcospaces Coworking Space
  4. Bizcospaces coworking space in kochi - Qdesq

    In Kochi’s Kakkanad neighbourhood, Bizcospaces offers private offices, virtual offices, and coworking spaces. Coworking space in Kakkanad Kochi is housed in the Infra Futura Building, a major commercial destination on the city’s Seaport-Airport Road.

    They provide a variety of coworking choices as well as serviced conference and meeting rooms that can be reserved ahead of time. The coworking space is attractively built to produce a fascinating atmosphere for its coworkers, which aids in the improvement of their work quality.

    This coworking environment promotes high levels of engagement with your work and avoids other distractions by providing a 100 per cent power backup facility and high-speed internet.


    Infra Futura, Seaport – Airport Rd, opposite Bharat Matha College, Thrikkakara, Kakkanad,
    Kochi, Kerala 682021

  5. Incuspaze Coworking Space
  6. Incuspaze coworking space in Infra Futura kochi - Qdesq

    The top workplace in Kakkanad is Incuspaze- Infra Futura. The Infra Futura Building, a significant business attraction on the city’s Seaport-Airport Road, houses this coworking space.

    They provide dedicated workstations, flexible desks, conference rooms, and other coworking spaces with no upfront expenses.

    Their all-encompassing office solutions cover every aspect of running a successful business. They accept clients from some of the world’s most famous multinational organisations, who come to use their high-quality Kochi coworking space for groups of all sizes.


    1st floor, Infra Futura, Seaport – Airport Rd, opp. BMC, Thrikkakara, Kakkanad,
    Kochi, Kerala 682021

  7. Inner Space Coworking Space
  8. Inner Space coworking space in kochi - Qdesq

    If you’re looking for a premium coworking space with a professional environment and an active community, Inner Space’s coworking space in Kaloor Kochi might be the perfect fit for your new office.

    Their coworking spaces are designed to provide a sophisticated environment for their coworkers. This Kochi coworking space caters to all sorts of businesses with several membership options to choose from.

    Inner Space’s coworking spaces are outfitted with best-in-class facilities and a lively professional environment, giving numerous opportunities for growth and learning.


    SRM Road, near Nirmala Shishu Bavan, Kaloor,
    Kochi, Kerala 682018

  9. InQ Innovation Coworking Space
  10. InQ Innovation coworking space in kochi - Qdesq

    InQ, an innovation coworking space in Palarivattom Kochi, was established with the purpose of fostering a healthy exchange of innovative insights among its varied network of specialists.

    Their open-plan workplace environment enables employees to work together. This coworking facility provides several coworking options depending on your needs.

    This coworking space is strategically placed in the InQ Tower building and is ideally located near key public transit connections in Palarivattom.


    inQ Tower, 1st floor, Opp EMC NH Bypass, Palarivattom,
    Kochi, Kerala 682025

  11. Incuspaze Coworking Space
  12. Incuspaze The Terminus coworking space in kochi - Qdesq

    Incuspaze – The Terminus, located in Kochi’s Kaloor area, provides top-of-the-line private offices and coworking spaces for groups of all kinds.

    They provide a wide range of coworking options as well as serviced conference and meeting spaces that can be rented in advance. This Kochi coworking space is aesthetically designed to provide a captivating environment for its users, assisting in the enhancement of their workplace performance.

    By providing a 24*7 power backup facility and high-speed broadband access, this coworking environment encourages high levels of involvement with your work while avoiding extraneous distractions.


    The Terminus, Adjacent to JLN Metro Station, Opp. Metro Pillar No. 558, Deshabhimani Road,
    Kaloor, Kochi – 682017

  13. Dotspace Coworking Space
  14. Dotspace coworking space in kochi - Qdesq

    In Kerala’s coworking space industry, Dotspace is a well-known regional name. In Kochi, they have two coworking spaces, one in Panampilly Nagar another in Edappally.

    Both of these are housed in well-constructed commercial buildings and provide a variety of coworking alternatives. Thanks to a well-thought-out design, their coworking place is tranquil and pleasant.

    Their luxuriously designed and well-furnished coworking spaces in Kochi create a sense of luxury for their residents. Coworkers are provided with personal lockers to keep their belongings safe.


    Total Tower Near Devankulangara Behind Changapuzha Park Elamakara, Edappally,
    Kochi, Kerala 682024

  15. Spacelance Coworking Space
  16. Spacelance coworking space in kochi - Qdesq

    Spacelance, a nationwide provider of office solutions, provides two shared workspaces in Kochi, one in Kakkanad and the other in Nedumbassery.

    Their Nedumbassery coworking space is perfectly located between the airport and the NH47 express highway, making it easy for employees to go to work.

    Their Kochi coworking spaces are simple, with basic amenities and average aesthetics, allowing for more dedication and performance. With all of its features and service offerings, Spacelance coworking spaces are the next professional business place for your firm.


    Valamkottil Towers, 6/858-M, 2nd Floor, Judgemukku, Kakkanad,
    Kochi, Kerala 682021

  17. Fortune Cowork Coworking Space
  18. Fortune Cowork coworking space in kochi - Qdesq

    Fortune Cowork in Kochi is a cutting-edge coworking location that provides quality coworking services to companies of all sizes. This coworking space offers cheerful, open workplaces with best in class amenities and tastefully designed furnishings.

    Their comfortable workstations offer the best noise cancellation and eliminate any distractions, allowing you to focus on your job. The coworking space hosts a range of events throughout the year to help employees acquire new skills.


    Kochi Metro MG Road Station, 5th Floor, opposite Chennai Silks,
    Kochi, Kerala 682035

  19. KUBZ Coworking Space
  20. KUBZ coworking space in kochi - Qdesq

    KUBZ is a high-end, cutting-edge coworking space in Kochi with all amenities included in the membership. Their coworking spaces are intended to be a gathering place for professionals from many fields to collaborate, work, and form a self-sustaining community.

    KUBZ provides unrestricted meeting room access as well as pre-booked meeting space access for important business occasions.

    This coworking space in Ernakulam Kochi is convenient to all public transit and municipal facilities due to its central location.


    3rd Floor, Jos Annex, Jos Junction, MG Road, Ernakulam,
    Kochi, Kerala 682015


Kochi is the financial capital of Kerala. In this city of comercial activity, a variety of coworking spaces are available to meet the office space demands of a wide range of enterprises.

Kochi’s coworking spaces, with their work-centric character and corporate culture, provide employees with a professional, focused environment comparable to that of a typical company.

Because of their adaptability, they can readily fulfil the office space requirements of a wide range of enterprises.

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