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12 Best Coworking Space in Kolkata

Best Coworking Spaces in Kolkata - Qdesq

Coworking space in Kolkata has an effect on a broad spectrum of businesses. Kolkata, a major business centre in Bengal, has a wide range of commercial office spaces of various sizes and designs, as well as coworking spaces. And with Qdesq, we assist you to navigate through these hundreds of options in order to help you find the best coworking space in India

Coworking spaces are created with small businesses in consideration in various ways. Furthermore, freelancers and remote professionals consider coworking spaces as a way to overcome loneliness.

As a consequence of post-pandemic enterprises readjusting to the new time and work dynamics, coworking space in Kolkata has grown in popularity. This resulted in a rise in the requirement.

In Kolkata, there are many sorts of coworking spaces that provide a choice of workplace options.

Browse these 12 coworking space in Kolkata that may be able to assist your company in reaching new heights.

Table of Contents

  1. Regus Coworking Space
  2. MyHQ Coworking Space
  3. Nwook Coworking Space
  4. Smartworks Coworking Space
  5. Awfis Coworking Space
  6. Coworkyard Coworking Space
  7. Mycube Coworking Space
  8. Workstreet Coworking Space
  9. DBS Business Centre Coworking Space
  10. Worknest Coworking Space
  11. WS Works Coworking Space
  12. Kwicdeskz Coworking Space

  1. Regus Coworking Space
  2. Regus Coworking Space in Kolkata - Qdesq

    In Kolkata, Regus, a global coworking space provider, operates five distinct coworking locations. Their coworking facilities are constructed to global specifications and are home to a vibrant worldwide professional culture.

    They offer a variety of coworking alternatives in their coworking space in Bidhannagar Kolkata, making it flexible to the demands of a variety of enterprises. All employees have easy accessibility to their Regus account via a customized smartphone app.

    Users may access it to make bookings, find the closest space, and communicate with Regus’ global coworking community.


    5th Floor, BP Block, Sector V, Bidhannagar,
    Kolkata, West Bengal 700091

  3. MyHQ Coworking Space
  4. MyHQ Shared Office Space in Kolkata - Qdesq

    At an affordable price, myHQ offers a fully functional collaborative space. This coworking space is suitable for new businesses, freelancers, professionals, and startups.

    It’s a public workplace that’s available to operate, interact, and engage, with fewer concerns for each of a corporation’s offices.

    Workstations at this coworking space are completely supervised, and there are a range of possibilities for customising your packages to meet your needs.

    You may increase or decrease your time commitment as required, log in for as low as an hour, and get started right away.

  5. Nwook Coworking Space
  6. Nwook coworking space in kolkata - Qdesq

    Nwook is the location to go if you’re searching for a nice, professional, and moderately priced coworking space in Bhowanipore Kolkata. It is well connected to other parts of the city and is situated in the posh neighbourhood of Bhowanipore.

    In addition, the ambience in this coworking space is pretty soothing. The atmosphere will guarantee that your time at work is pleasurable, whether you work alone or in a group. The best thing about this coworking space is that you don’t have to commit to anything long-term.


    First Floor, 123, Ashutosh Mukherjee Road, Paddapukur,
    Bhowanipore, Kolkata-700025

  7. Smartworks Coworking Space
  8. Smartworks Coworking Space in Kolkata - Qdesq

    Smartworks Kolkata coworking space enables you to operate when and how users prefer. The most intriguing feature is its completely equipped, technologically advanced conference and meeting rooms.

    These spaces are also ideal for brainstorming with your colleagues or hosting a client meeting or presentation. Additionally, places such as game zones and a café are available to assist you to relax during or after a hard day at work.


    9 Victoria Park, GN Block, GN 37/2,
    Sector V, Kolkata- 700091

  9. Awfis Coworking Space
  10. Awfis coworking space in kolkata - Qdesq

    Awfis, a national coworking space provider, has sites in eleven cities throughout India, including four locations in Kolkata.

    This coworking space in sector V Kolkata offers a collaborative environment that encourages innovation and collaboration. It also has a one-of-a-kind architecture and cutting-edge technological equipment.

    One of its coworking places’ most distinguishing features is the conference room. Furthermore, Awfis Coworking spaces provide last-minute accessibility to conference facilities for impromptu client meetings or group meetings.

    The coworking facility also hosts monthly community activities to assist employees form professional connections.


    Godrej Waterside, 12th Floor, Tower II, DP-5, DP Block,
    Sector V, Kolkata-700091

  11. Coworkyard Coworking Space
  12. Coworkyard coworking space in kolkata - Qdesq

    If you need to relocate from your dreary cubicle and into a better place but don’t have the financial means to do so, you should call this establishment.

    Due to its convenient location, this is one of the best coworking space in Park Street Area Kolkata for startups. It also offers a great vibe, and the well-kept surroundings make it an excellent setting.


    Park St, Park Street area,
    Kolkata- 700071

  13. Mycube Coworking Space
  14. Mycube coworking space in kolkata - Qdesq

    My Cube, a coworking space in AJC Bose Road Kolkata, is designed to deliver employees a dynamic, inspiring, and accessible workspace. Furthermore, with its state-of-the-art architecture that aids users in increasing productivity, this coworking space exemplifies the millennial entrepreneurial mentality.

    Coworkers at the My Cube coworking space can reserve access to the event area in advance. This coworking space is also ideal for seamless, innovative, hassle-free, and uncomplicated workplace solutions.


    Block A-11, 4th Floor, FMC Fortuna Building,, 234/ 3A AJC Bose Road,
    Kolkata- 700020

  15. Workstreet Coworking Space
  16. Workstreet coworking space in kolkata - Qdesq

    Workstreet, a coworking space in Kolkata, was formed on the principle of making coworking spaces more inclusive. Their coworking space’s professional setting encourages you to be your best self and allows you to work at optimal efficiency.

    Members of this coworking space may also participate in a range of community activities, which provide possibilities for networking.

    A variety of well-known restaurants, banks, cafés, and other key civic facilities are within walking distance of this coworking place.


    Martin Burn Business Park Office #1105, BP Block, Sector V, Bidhannagar,
    Kolkata, West Bengal 700091

  17. DBS Business Centre Coworking Space
  18. DBS Business Centre coworking space in kolkata - Qdesq

    DBS Commercial Centre is a well-known national provider of office solutions with sites in several of India’s most prominent business districts. Within its superb commercial facilities at DBS House, its own commercial institution in Kolkata, it provides a number of coworking options.

    A large lobby space with luxury furniture options will welcome you to the grounds. Their well-designed workstations also give their teammates a smooth and noise-free coworking environment.

    The DBS Business Centre has a coworking space in Hungerford Street Kolkata that provides an all-inclusive, member-friendly option for coworking space requirements.


    DBS House, 10/2, Hungerford Street
    Kolkata, West Bengal 700017

  19. Worknest Coworking Space
  20. Worknest coworking space in kolkata - Qdesq

    The beautiful Godrej Tower skyscraper, which is a prominent business construction, houses Worknests coworking space in Kolkata. It offers professionals and businesses in Kolkata a meticulously organised coworking space with best-in-class infrastructure.

    Furthermore, their coworking space comes with all of the required office equipment as well as a variety of conveniences. As an ergonomic workplace solution provider, it promotes high levels of productivity at work.

    Additionally, this facility eliminates any challenges associated with maintaining your office space and promotes operational simplicity. It has an onsite expert support team that can help you with any of your office management issues.


    Worknests, Unit 806, Tower 2, Godrej Waterside, Plot DP5, Sector V,
    Kolkata- 700091

  21. WS Works Coworking Space
  22. WS Works coworking space in kolkata - Qdesq

    WS Works is a coworking space in Newton Kolkata, a Rajarghat neighbourhood, housed in the WS House building. A diverse collection of individuals from a range of industries may work together in such a friendly setting in this freshly created coworking space.

    In addition, each seat in this coworking space in Kolkata comes with a secure storage locker where you can keep all of your important office materials. The coworking space’s unique layout and ergonomic furniture provide a workplace feel.


    Street No. 360 Premises No. 14-360 Plot No. DH-6/8, Action Area 1D, Newtown
    Kolkata- 700156

  23. Kwicdeskz Coworking Space
  24. Kwicdeskz coworking space in kolkata - Qdesq

    Kwicdeskz coworking space in Elgin Kolkata offers a hindrance free environment. They have a coworking option for everybody, whether it’s a person or a team of professionals. These rooms also have AV connections, so you may have private business talks without being interrupted by outside sources.

    Furthermore, using RFID-based security access, this coworking space in Kolkata offers the highest level of safety and protection for all of your critical office equipment.


    19/1 Shakespeare Sarani, Camac St, Elgin,
    Kolkata- 700017


In India’s east, Kolkata is a significant intellectual and business hub. The city’s expanding business and startup culture is reflected in Kolkata’s coworking spaces.

Additionally, these coworking spaces are geared at the city’s budding entrepreneurs. Following the epidemic, the new generation of entrepreneurs has turned to coworking spaces in Kolkata as an alternative to traditional office space.

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