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10 Best Coworking Space in Nagpur

10 Best Coworking Space in Nagpur

Since coworking space in Nagpur has emerged as the preferred choice of millennials, finding a shared office for rent in Nagpur (with modern business amenities) is a better and more cost-effective alternative. You may easily rent hourly or daily hot desks in Nagpur, as well as conference rooms in Nagpur for a few hours to do business.

Finding a properly equipped workplace for rent in Nagpur can be a time-consuming and costly endeavour whether you are a solopreneur, independent software/product developer, entrepreneur, start-up founder, SME, or consultant.

Nagpur, a large city in Maharashtra, is renowned as the “winter capital.” It is expected to be the world’s fifth-fastest expanding city between 2019 and 2035, and it has been suggested as one of Maharashtra’s Smart Cities.

It is the Vidarbha region’s key political and commercial centre and an important location for the Dalit Buddhist movement. This is the site of the world’s largest hollow stupa, the greatest of all Buddhist stupas.

Nagpur ranks first among Indian cities in terms of vegetation, public transportation, health services, and livability. Local IT experts are extolling the virtues of becoming an entrepreneur in India now that the sector has developed from a bubble.

Startups are reaching new heights, and foreign investors are pouring money into the industry, while enterprising Indians strive to build the next billion-dollar firm.

The IT industry, which is being pushed by India’s booming economy, rising disposable income, and the digital boom, includes everything from e-commerce to fitness and art.

You may easily rent hourly or daily hot desks in Nagpur, as well as conference rooms in Nagpur for a few hours to do business.

Given below is a list of top 10 coworking spaces in Nagpur you can choose from at affordable pricing:

Table of Contents

  1. Working Avenue Coworking Space
  2. Co-Work Platter Coworking Space
  3. Eureka CoWorking Space
  4. Chaos Theory Coworking Space
  5. Stint Studio CoWorking Space
  6. Cube Space Business Center Coworking Space
  7. The Lemon Ideas Coworking Space
  8. MBW CoWorking Space
  9. PMR Business Centre In Nagpur
  10. Trenton’s Business Centre and Commercial Cabin Coworking Space

  1. Working Avenue Coworking Space
  2. Working Avenue Coworking Space in Nagpur - Qdesq

    It is about connecting to a community, accessibility, and sustainability in Nagpur, not simply sharing infrastructure and costs. We understand how important first impressions are to your clients and how working in a beautiful setting can calm the spirit.

    Keeping this in mind, we created the most lively and open working environment. Working Avenue coworking space in Sawarkar Nagar Nagpur is a group of innovative minds who have transformed shared office spaces from ordinary to spectacular.

    To provide comfortable workplaces for entrepreneurial setups and freelancers, they have turned over 100+ locations around Nagpur into working zones while keeping tastes and preferences depending on various types of work demands in mind.


    Near, bus stop, Plot no 18, 2nd floor, Khamla Rd, next to Orange city hospital,
    Sawarkar Nagar, Nagpur, 440015

  3. Co-Work Platter Coworking Space
  4. Co-Work Platter Shared Office Space in Nagpur - Qdesq

    Co-WorkPlatter is a vibrant coworking space in Vivekanand Nagar Nagpur, India. We hope to make a difference in the shifting landscape of how people and organisations operate.

    We offer a welcoming business environment for freelancers, entrepreneurs, startups, self-employed persons, and anyone looking to launch a new endeavour.

    The Co-WorkPlatter, which was launched in 2019, allows you to work in a growth-ready setting where you may explore your potential and discover your hidden features while networking with other professionals that share the same office space.


    Plot No. 107, House No. 1186, 2nd Floor, C.T.O Staff Co-operative HSG Society,
    Vivekanand Nagar, Nagpur

  5. Eureka Coworking Space
  6. Eureka Coworking Space in Nagpur - Qdesq

    Eureka Coworking is the best Coworking Environment in Nagpur City, with a noteworthy presence of all the facilities that you require in a workspace. The location provides a nice, tranquil setting with no distractions so you can truly focus on your job.

    Lifeart’s Business Space provides a modest lounge and a lovely corporate workplace that may help your business develop in the heart of Nagpur’s orange city for anybody looking for a well-connected and cheap office space. In the West, this notion is better developed.


    87, First Floor, Sawarkar Nagar, Behind Sawarkar Garden,
    Chatrapati Square, Nagpur, 440015

  7. Chaos Theory Coworking Space
  8. Chaos Theory Coworking Space in Nagpur - Qdesq

    Chaos Theory is a budget-friendly coworking space in Dharmpeth Nagpur with exceptionally comfy decor. The location provides an open opportunity to meet other freelancers and creative minds like you.

    Even if you have the financial means to invest in an office setting, as a beginning, it is best to start with affordable coworking spaces to get experience, and then build your own unique space based on your knowledge of what a professional setup should look like.

    Chaos Theory, with its brilliant, stunning colours and snug corners, is a multifunctional coworking space that also serves as a cultural venue on weekends.


    3rd Floor Sadoday Arcade, W High Ct Rd,
    Dharampeth, Nagpur, 440010

  9. Stint Studio Coworking Space
  10. Stint Studio Coworking Space in Nagpur - Qdesq

    Stint Studio’s coworking space in Tilak Nagar Nagpur has a delicate atmosphere and efficient work environment are ideal for persons who want to work in solitude and tranquillity. The large, open space features designated seating, conference rooms, and a relaxation area.

    It’s the type of location where you can focus on your job even if there are other people around you since workstations are strategically placed to eliminate distractions. Hot Seat, Private Cabins, Conference Room, Event, Seminar, and Workshop spaces are some of the workspace types available here.


    2A, Tilak Nagar, Meghranjani Apartment,
    Nagpur, 440010

  11. Cube Space Business Center Coworking Space
  12. Cube Space Business Center Coworking Space in Nagpur - Qdesq

    Business Center in Cube Space, Because of the professional and creative vibes these workspaces can provide, coworking space in Sitabuldi Nagpur have become one of the fastest-growing trends among corporates, startups, and freelancers.

    With the rising demands for a professional and collaborative work environment, entrepreneurs perceive this notion as an opportunity to interact and cooperate with other entrepreneurs, opening doors to a brighter future and wider development opportunities.


    1st Floor, 379, Pt Nehru Marg, Opposite Zero Mile Metro Station Beside Oswal Chata Bazar,
    Sitabuldi, Nagpur, 440012

  13. The Lemon Ideas Coworking Space
  14. The Lemon Ideas Coworking Space in Nagpur - Qdesq

    The Lemon Ideas Coworking Space in Pratap Nagar Road Nagpur attempts to give all in-house amenities for startups with a concept of a comfortable and effective working space. Co-working is the next preferred style of working, in which people from all backgrounds, experiences, and businesses work together under one roof.

    Lemon Co-working provides an air-conditioned workplace with an approach of modern working style, flexi module, and a troubled free plug n play smart & flexible working model.

    The Lemon Co-working Place in Nagpur is more than simply a coworking space. It is a strong network of professionals that have similar interests.


    Pratap Nagar Road, Mate Square Sai Shree, above TopNTown,
    Nagpur, 440022

  15. MBW Coworking Space
  16. MBW Coworking Space in Nagpur - Qdesq

    A contemporary mini-office. MBW COWORKING has office necessities that are always saturated with mind-blowing ideas, fantastic networking chances, and terrific coworkers.

    We were able to comprehend an individual’s demands and match them with the needs of a startup thanks to our over 3 years of expertise in the Coworking space sector.

    This coworking space is an excellent choice for those who want to work in a tranquil environment.


    2nd Floor, Maxx Pride, Manish Nagar,
    Beltarodi Road Nagpur, 441108

  17. PMR Business Centre Coworking Space
  18. PMR Business Centre Coworking Space in Nagpur - Qdesq

    PMR Business Centre in Nagpur is one of the leading businesses in the Offices On Hire. Also known for Offices On Hire, Business Centres, Coworking Space On Hire, Meeting Rooms On Hire, Video Conference Rooms On Hire, Training Rooms On Hire, Event Organiser Board Meeting, Virtual Local Offices and much more.

    From entrepreneurs and independent professionals to start-ups, PMR Business Centre features on the to-do list of many and people see it as an integral part of their success largely due to the multitude of benefits of being a part of a coworking ecosystem.


    2nd Floor Rajurkar Arcade , Laxmibhavan Square, W High Ct Rd,
    Nagpur, 440010

  19. Trenton’s Business Centre and Commercial Cabin Coworking Space
  20. Trenton Business Center and Commercial Cabin in Nagpur - Qdesq

    Trenton’s Business Centre Nagpur is a location with office fundamentals, it’s continually overflowing with mind-blowing ideas, wonderful system administration openings, and gorgeous companions.

    With over a decade of experience in the coworking space market, we were able to understand an individual’s needs and match them with the needs of a company.


    5th floor imperial Plaza, Sitabuldi,
    Nagpur, 440012


Qdesq a range of membership programmes available for different team sizes, whether you require a Hot Desk, Dedicated Desk, Private Cabin, or Day Pass. You may join a fantastic coworking space group without committing to a long-term contract.

You are welcome to stay in the area for as long as you choose. When your business is up and running, you may easily leave whenever you choose.

Qdesq can help you choose the best membership plan for your company. Nagpur, like the rest of India, has its fair share of young entrepreneurs quitting their day jobs to join the startup revolution.

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