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Booking your new coworking space? Wait, are you missing something?

Coworking Space

Booking your new coworking space? Wait, are you missing something?

Coworking spaces or flex offices are redefining the workplace scenario in India. Currently, flexible offices comprise of 3% of the office space sector; it will rise to 11% within the next three years and attain 30% of work space real-estate market share by 2030. Almost more than half a million people are working from the flexible workspace, and the number of spaces are increasing exponentially.

There are so many coworking options available, especially in Tier 1 cities of India; however, when looking for a shared space, each company should consider the suitability.

  1. Ascertain Your Requirements

One must establish the objective of initiating their journey with a coworking space.

Why you need a coworking space?
What value will it bring to your organisation while using the space?

Shared workspaces have a wide collection of premium amenities like meeting rooms, high-speed Wi-Fi, perks of having good coffee, printer, networking, access to the office all hours. Generally, while choosing the spaces, people get confused between their needs, which aligns with their organizational structure and their wants. One must set dimensions to analyze the ROI.

  1. Cultural Vibes

Amenities and services play a great role in all the coworking spaces, but the community is most imperative. Though the work environment is flexible, it doesn’t mean relationships and culture matter any less.

One has to check the background or the kind of companies working in that coworking space, after all their employees will be interacting or networking with other community members. Hence the experience should be fruitful. A lot of times, Tech companies tend to sit in a shared space that is dominated or exclusively available for tech startups/enterprises. The interactions help everyone to grow. While occasionally, some companies tend to avoid the environment of firms of similar niche to maintain exclusivity and learn in different fields.

  1. Visit to the property

All the coworking venues look great and premium on the website and pages. Hence, one should always visit the property physically to analyze the functionality and maintenance of the space and neighbourhood; if possible, ask your team members to work from the potential venue for a day or two.

Keep a checklist of whether the location is close to the vendors, clients and industry leaders? Will the location be beneficial for the team’s commute? Are there any nearby fitness centres? Or cool lunch spots? These points, often neglected, are quite important for the long-term satisfaction.

Having said that,

Coworking spaces are becoming the new normal, and the market share is ascending each year. Shared workspaces are no longer for startups and freelancers; many enterprises are shifting their head offices and teams to a coworking space to promote flexibility. Choosing a workspace can be an intricate process; hence it is advised to associate with a consultant who can help you with the correct flex or business centre as per your organisation’s functionality and culture.

~~ By Aakash Panpalia
Lead Revenue Officer- Online Business

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