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Conventional office to Coworking Space – Journey

Conventional office to Coworking Space - Journey

Shared workspaces are gradually becoming the norm in India, following a global trend that has profoundly revolutionized workplaces. Infrastructure and networking prospects, workplace flexibility and accessibility rising commercial real estate prices, and a growing acceptance of unconventional office locations are just a few of the variables fueling this desire.

These coworking office spaces have emerged as prominent offices of the modern period, with various advantages compared to traditional office systems. With the widespread adoption of the “shared workspace” philosophy, even giant corporations are flocking to such locations to simplify their operations.

Overall operational costs are much lower

In India, establishing a conventional office is still a time-consuming procedure, with costs rising by the day. Adopting co-working spaces, on the other hand, allows you to save your annual operating costs by 20-30%. Coworking spaces, which offer a flexible lease option and a pre-planned work environment, are anticipated to become more popular in 2022.

Likeminded co-workers

Networking is an inextricable element of coworking spaces. More than just a place to meet, co-create, and develop your company’s next big idea with like-minded people. A well-designed workplace encourages employees to interact, cooperate, and ultimately be productive. Working with new individuals every day, as previously stated, can help you explore new ideas and perspectives.

Premium Business Address

Coworking spaces are situated in the heart of a city, accessible to public transportation and restaurants while also providing an effective place for professionals to meet. Working from home or a café as a business owner may not give the appropriate impression to potential clients, so a coworking space offers not only a professional area but also dedicated meeting spaces, cafeterias, and coffee zones to help you network more effectively.

State-of-the-Art Equipment & Facilities

Coworking spaces provide many advantages, including convenience and time savings. These workspaces are completely furnished, pre-wired, and provide a variety of amenities such as coffee shops and restaurants, as well as conference rooms, breakaway areas, gym facilities, and more.

Private Offices VS Open Spaces

Private office space within a coworking facility is preferred by certain businesses. This could be due to the fact that they frequently make private phone conversations or require protection for their client files. In their team or individual desk areas, other businesses appreciate the open-plan structure that coworking facilities provide.

Open-plan spaces provide individual desks, team areas, and flexible desks for different types of businesses. Many companies and their employees enjoy the commotion of an open-plan office – the bustle in the kitchen at lunchtime, the informal social connections across the workstations, and the common collaboration areas that encourage creativity and learning. Despite the fact that the desks are open plan, they are frequently divided into groups of four or six, making them ideal for small or developing teams. Our desks at The Thrive Network are large enough to allow social distance while being collaborative, and they all come with lockable storage and network connections.


If you are still in the dilemma of choosing traditional vs coworking spaces I would suggest you take a trip to any of the coworking spaces of Qdesq. Moving to a coworking space can be one of the toughest decisions for any enterprise, but it is also a fruitful one.

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