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Coronavirus Scare : What can you do?

With the spike in novel Coronavirus cases in India, individuals are getting panicked due to the fake myths spreading across the social media. The myths can be dangerous, and hence one must consume information only from valid sources such as WHO

Necessary Protective Measures from COVID-19

  1.  Avoid contact with sick people

Avoid contact with individuals who show any symptoms of flu. One should ideally maintain a six feet distance from ill individuals. 

  1. Stay Hydrated 

Consuming water is the key to staying healthy. Hence, one must keep oneself hydrated to fight against the potential spread of the virus. Also, avoid drinks that dehydrate one’s system like coffee, soft drinks etc. 

  1. Wash your Hands 

Wash your hands regularly and thoroughly to get rid of any germs. One can also use a sanitizer. 

  1. Cover your mouth 

You must cover your mouth and nose with a mask to avoid contact with the infectious disease. 

  1. Strengthen your immunity 

One must strengthen their immunity by eating right and getting enough sleep. 

We hope everyone takes the necessary measures and stays safe. Awareness is the key.

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