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Coworking spaces – a perfect blend of hygiene and affordability

Coworking spaces - a perfect blend of hygiene and affordability

Coworking spaces - a perfect blend of hygiene and affordability

The involuntary Global work from home pulled across various pros and cons. Where, on one hand, the authoritative and personnel were forced to smoothen out the trust gap and increase productivity; on the other, the lack of micro team collaboration was affecting the work quality. The work from home surely deducted the travelling cost for the employees and percent of Capex cost for the management.

The amazing balance of pros and cons calls upon the maximization of the benefits.

  1. Work out of coworking

Coworking spaces are intricately designed to give you a professional yet flexible environment where you and your team can work and collaborate. With the immense opportunity to network and be a part of the community, theoretically, this option cannot be better, but it is, when looking at the numbers as well where coworking spaces cost 25% less than traditional workspaces.

  1. Reduced overhead cost

With less distance to cover for travelling to work, you easily save a good percentage of your income, which was earlier spent. The availability of unlimited servings of tea/coffee saves even more.

This underlines an important factor where the coworking model priorities your time and energy, which can be used for better work management and quality.

  1. Community and collaboration

We all are dying to step outside and socialise again, and shared office space provides the correct blend of work and socialising. Statistically, 79% of people agreed that since joining the coworking, their social network has increased.

Hence shared workspaces would be the best option to break your social slump and kickstart healthy collaboration.

Summing up

With huge markets, sellers as well buyers, shared workspaces are becoming the new economical option for enterprises as well as corporates.

The post-Covid scenario will encourage companies for Optimum utilisation of minimal resources and choose an option that reduces the accumulated loss along with the great benefits of work near home.

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