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Coworking Unconference Asia 2019 – Coworking is Growing Up

The 5th edition of the Coworking Unconference in Asia is being held in Goa, India this February 2019.. Produced by Coworking Alliance for Asia Pacific (CAAP), this edition is hosted in partnership with 91 Springboard and Hubud.

Over the years, the event has consistently been one of inspiration, connection and co-creation.

Coworking is rapidly becoming the spotlight of Commercial real estate industry fetching maximum eyeballs. Folks all across the globe are inclined to understand various know how’s of this industry.

With Internet, it is easy to ascertain almost everything, rare are the times when people get the opportunity to understand and listen from the experts. CU Asia is one such event where industry leaders, coworking pundits and aficionado of this genre will come together to share their thoughts with all the participants.

CU Asia is an opportunity to consciously step out of the busy-ness of the business world and to meaningfully explore high level industry questions with peers and top experts from around the world. It’s a chance to inspire, and be inspired by the rapid and mindful entrepreneurial growth in the Asia Pacific, the world’s largest coworking market.

The event will run for 5 days from February 20- 24, 2019 happening for first time in India. The first day is completely focused on exploring and showcasing Indian coworking segment. This will be followed by a full-day, pre-event workshop Coworking Academy which is designed to help new or prospective spaces accelerate their learning on the Big 4 of Coworking: Community, Finance, Operations, and Programming/Events.

The main event is happening on 22-23 February (followed by Goa excursions on the 24th).

In keeping with this year’s theme: Growing Up, organizers are bringing to Goa key players from the entire shared workspace ecosystem, including Marcela Fernandez, Employer Brand Ambassador at Selina which went from a boutique hospitality company to a Coliving leader, raising over US$ 100 million to support its expansion to 30,000 beds by the end of 2019 in 18 countries; Jaanus Juss, Founder & CEO of Telliskivi Creative City, who will share how he built a thriving ‘Creative City’ in Estonia out of a series of abandoned factories, without the help of government or big brands; or Mahdi Shariff Cofounder of Guanxi.AI & Advisor to Slush China who will explain how artificial intelligence is the new frontier in deepening and widening our community connections.

See keynotes here and a first look at the whole event schedule here.

Hear from coworking leaders and adjacent industries about how and why coworking is helping people live, work and learn differently in the new collaborative economy on the third day of the event. The last day of the event will ensure that no questions are left unanswered. Bring your insights, speculations, queries and burning concerns– it’s all on the table at CU Asia.

Make sure you don’t miss the opportunity to be a part of the year’s coolest coworking unconference. Book your tickets now (before the prices go up by 30% on January 31st).


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