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Essential environmental benefits of flexible co-working workspace

Many reports have suggested that telecommuting can go a long way in helping to  reduce the carbon footprint of ventures. Telecommuting is on the rise, which has primarily increased the popularity of co-working or flexible work spaces.

Commuting contributes as an essential factor in carbon emission. Hence if the  employees are offered a flexible work culture, it could reduce about 4 tons of emission daily (for a 1000 employee business). Its overall benefit would be to save time for employees and also reduce the corporate carbon footprint.

Further, since a flexible work culture, requires coming to the office only when needed, the employee’s susceptibility to pollution decreases, thus aiding in a healthier workforce which is accountable for more productivity.

Energy-efficient work spaces are also sustainable, thus offering a long-term benefit which is generally preferred by the employees.

Co-working- The ultimate solution for going green! 

India is the third-largest producer of carbon emission just next to China and the US. Research by the building research and Information states that commercial buildings constitute approximately 32% of the total carbon emission with 19% accounting for energy-related greenhouse emission. Energy consumption of merely 10% can help in saving a whopping 6 lakh worth of money which could be a big boon for the start-ups and small ventures.

Commercial spaces in India – Going Green

Indian landscape is prone to climatic changes, and in the year 2015, a total emission of carbon was accounted for about 2.7 tonnes per capital. Commercial work spaces accounted for approximately 8% of it. To keep a check on the carbon footprint, India has envisaged a carbon reduction plan which is a part of the corporate social responsibility plan. Further, India has also promised to reduce the levels of carbon by a 33-35% margin as compared to the carbon levels in 2005 that will help in saving approximately 2 million bucks.

While that is a great step taken by India, it is equally important for business’s spaces to do their little part that could help in reducing carbon footprint.

Six ways a commercial workspace can help reduce the carbon footprint

Commercial offices can consider little tweaks in their day to day operational activities which could help in conserving energy:

  • Savings on Electricity – Electricity consumption in commercial building accounts for about 82% of the total energy and hence one of the simplest ways to help conserve it is by using energy-saving light bulbs. Features such as the use of timers could also alert the users of extra energy consumption, thus keeping a check on their electricity usages.
  • Water conservation – Sensitizing employees of the use of water consciously, can also help in the cost reduction of the utilities.
  • Efficient use of reusable items – It has been found that the waste generated by an employee in office accounts for 2 kg per day. Businesses can take a step in cutting down the trash with the use of reusable items that would help the overall environment. Use of company logo and branded colors could prep the overall look of these reusable pieces. Keeping your office space organized will help in reducing the waste
  • Going digital – In the era of computers and laptops, it is advisable to go digital with all business records, reducing the usage of paper to its minimal. Taking notes over a laptop and adhering to presentations on computers can go a long way in reducing carbon footprint.
  • Proper use of recycling norms – Generally, 70% of the company’s landfill is estimated to be available for recycling. The best way to put it to benefit is by ensuring that the parking areas of the businesses are under some of the other recycling programmes.
  • A collaborate and flexible work environment – Allowing employees a flexible work culture by promoting a collaborative workforce that enables them to attend offices as and when required can help in energy conservation as the commute /drive is curbed.

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