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Here’s why you should choose virtual office space

Virtual office

Here’s why you should choose virtual office space.

Virtual offices are quite often underestimated due to the unfamiliarity with the term. As the name suggests, virtual offices are intangible entity providing office-like services to the occupants. Virtual office spaces offer business address for applying GST or registering a company in India. These services allow increased flexibility and controlled expenditure for bootstrapped business aiming to work out with just the necessity.

The growing concept of virtual offices does bring some reservations for being a novel concept. However, once understood, it can be just the service you require without incurring hefty bill on oneself. Let’s answer your fundamental questions about virtual office space.

What is a virtual office?

Virtual office is an interface for an organisation at a certain location. The service can be utilised to expand or register your company across the country without holding or arranging a physical office.

The affordable service is getting its due credit because of its benefits in transactional and legal matters. Virtual offices spaces in India have various other services included in the package like managed mail and courier handling, answering telephones and reception courtesy. One can give their new venture a professional and premium touch without putting extra pressure on his/her pocket. Through opting virtual office services, you’re allowing yourself to invest at the entity with a significant larger ROI.

What are the services of virtual office?

Every provider offers different packages of virtual offices and even customised package in most cases. You can select and choose the services to be included in your package according to the nature of your business. Following are the services of virtual offices in India.

  1. Virtual business address aka registered business address
  2. Virtual office with GST registration
  3. Mail management
  4. Courier services
  5. Reception courtesy
  6. Answering telephone calls
  7. Access to meeting rooms
  8. Access to copier/scanner/fax
  9. Locker services

How does virtual office works in India?

Once you finalise a virtual office at a certain location and attain NOC from the provider, you’re free to use the centre’s address for all your official business needs. You have access to the centre’s meeting rooms and other virtual services. In most situations, the board of brand is installed at the location to ensure utmost credibility.

What types of businesses choose virtual offices?

Virtual offices offer such varied services that allow them to be beneficial for all kinds of business. Each industry can avail virtual office as per their need. However, the following are a few examples of companies who will attain the most benefits from virtual offices spaces.

  1. Startup founders, remote workers, home-entrepreneurs, freelancers
  2. Entrepreneurs growing their business across the country
  3. Companies who don’t function in physical offices
  4. International companies expanding in India
  5. Business creating a Pan-India presence

Why do businesses need virtual office address?

A virtual office address is important for each company looking for expanding their business or seeking GST registration. The business address also has some other uses, as mentioned in the following.

  1. To extend a professional brand image – for business cards, letterheads and websites.
  2. Ensuring customer confidence by offering a presence in multiple locations.
  3. To manage calls, couriers in different geographical locations.
  4. To apply for state-wise GST.

How much does a virtual office cost?

The prices of virtual office spaces differ as per the location and the add-on services. However, the average cost of attaining a virtual is 11000-18000 yearly. The cost is a fraction of owning or leasing out a traditional office space.

Where can I book a virtual office space?

The concept of virtual office is growing in India, and many providers are offering amazing offers and services. Instead of dedicating your time in researching a suitable space, one can simply match their requirements on a flex marketspace like Qdesq. Qdesq connects seekers to the compatible flexible workspace providers, that too, without any brokerage.

To book virtual office space Visit: or Email us at :

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