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How Coworking Spaces Improve your Work Quality

A wave of Coworking Spaces has taken us over in the past few years. With approximately 35,000 flexible seats around the world, the coworking spaces have risen almost 36% in the last year. These spaces are acquiring all kinds of professionals, from startups & freelancers to well-established branches of international firms.

A branch of Tata Company Jaguar Land Rover’s Teamwork from Wework Mumbai and has recently took 180 seats at Smartworks in Pune. Similarly, one of the Google’s teamwork from Awfis in Gurugram while Amazon has a team of 16 employees working in Pune’s smartwork.

More and more companies are choosing coworking offices and rejecting traditional corporate workplaces, which makes us think, “Why is that?” – Because of the various added benefits. 

 1. Improved Productivity  

The Global research by Deskmag and Deskwanted, individuals have reported improvements since working in coworking spaces.

  • 74% of workers are more productive
  • 93% have a bigger network
  • 2/3 feel more creative 

 Coworking spaces help in increasing your motivation and creativity. And, the new elevated enthusiasm upscales your work quality as well.

 2. Unconventional Perks

 Coworking spaces offer more than basic amenities. With the idea of professional and personal success, these spaces hold a variety of events that helps you to learn and grow. Along with that, meditation and workout stations are either located in the office or quite near to the location.

A lot of cafes and restaurants are located within walking distance, which lets you create separation from your work and helps you recharge.

 3. Interaction  

Generally, in a traditional workspace, you’re interacting with the same people. Coworking spaces bring about an array of different individuals together like solopreneur, startup employees, designers, freelancers, etc. Such diversity in the coworking spaces enables you to interact with various professionals, build relationships, and acquire knowledge. The goal-oriented and high-achieving individuals inspire and help you in accomplishing your professional mission. This, in turn, grows your network, like no other networking event.

 4. Attain more skills

Individuals from different fields and professions, all residing under one roof, adds up to a lot of benefits. One can take this opportunity to learn new expertise, and the added skills can help you access more options in your career, which increases your value as a professional.

According to the survey conducted by spring coworking spaces, 69% reported that they have a new skill, whereas 68% said that they had improved their existing skills. The majority of the respondents reported learning a new skill from the fellow worker.

5. Less competition

One of the reasons why people are choosing coworking spaces over traditional offices is to have a more balanced life. Your personal life is generally sacrificed due to growing competition in the office environment. Coworking Spaces promote a supportive community and create a milieu of general openness through communication. This way, the community encourages a symbiotic relationship, and you learn from your peers.

6. Flexibility

The millennial workforce is increasingly shifting towards a more balanced life. 9-5 office environment seems restricted while work from home reduces creativity. Hence, coworking spaces take special care in promoting work-life balance. The contemporary workspaces don’t shame you for your odd working hours but, instead, welcome and support you in your most productive state. You can work any time you want as most of the coworking spaces are open 24/7. 


Coworking Spaces are more about just your workspace. According to the survey, coworking makes people more content, as 89% reported they were happier. The culture of the coworking space encourages a positive attitude and great professional results, and by being a part of the contemporary workspace, you’ll notice a significant change in your work style. 

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