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The Importance of Work Culture : Founder’s Desk

Importance of work culture

Importance of work culture

The soul of an organization is in its work culture. Many believe that the key to retaining an employee is a good salary and a great brand value. Although they fail to understand that the day to day working conditions within the office is the key to keeping your employees in the organization for years.

Only 20% of the employees are satisfied with their jobs in India, according to a survey. Most of the employment dissatisfaction comes from the disturbance in the office milieu. The significance of a positive work environment grew as the employers recognized the need to retain talent and promote performance. A negative work culture makes even the most hardworking employee unmotivated. Appraisals and incentives are not enough to motivate a worker to give their best in taking the workplace to new heights.

If a team member feels loyal and ownership towards the workplace, he/she will go above and beyond to perform and do more than required.

Lavesh and I have tried to create a positive work environment where everyone is happy to be a part of the Qdesq’s team. I have always advised each member to take ownership of his/her work, which encourages the leader in them, and the transparency in the communication helps everyone to achieve their personal goals quickly.“ says Paras Arora, Founder & CEO at Qdesq.

So, how can a management promote a positive work environment?

Freedom of Ownership

Micromanagement leads to disruption in the smooth working processes.Each employee should be able to access the ownership of his/her work. A team member should be given a chance to prove his/her problem-solving ability as constant guidance and interference signifies a lack of trust and makes the employee conscious in the short term and dependent in the long run. Talented employees are instinctive about future problems and aspire to learn from all kinds of experiences.
An employee feels a connection towards his/her work if he/she is given the freedom to tackle it without being accountable for each minute decision.


Every human desires respect from his/her fellow beings; the same policy should be widely practiced in the office setting as well. Even the presence of disrespectful behavior between anyone undermines the entire office environment. With the respect culture prevailing in the workplace, the communication between the employees increases, and help across different channels makes each task attainable.
All managers should act before they preach, and hence respectful behavior should be demonstrated by them in their respective work culture.
Practice polite speech and rise above trivial issues.
Respect day-offs of the employees and try not to disturb them unless extremely urgent.
Encourage the employees to work better and praise them for their achievements.

Protect Culture

Some companies adopt culture, while others create it. It is inevitable for a new employee to be intimidated by the boss unless he/she encourages communication and breaks the wall of not unrequired fear. It is the responsibility of the founder or the head of the company to create the work culture and employee members who will further protect the positive work environment rather than corrupting it.

The office environment can be one of the most prominent reasons for the success of a company. If an employee experiences happiness and satisfaction in his/her work, then they spread enough goodwill about the company outside their work. The good word out will attract not only employees but customers/clients as well, because everyone wants to be associated with a company that considers the happiness of its team essential.

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