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The new normal is now – Here’s how the workforce is resuming office

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The new normal is now - Here’s how the workforce is resuming office

The unprecedented crisis in the form of the pandemic has incurred over us. Most professionals except the medical caregiver and law enforcement personnel were asked to work from home. The state of virtual working has come to a halt post 4 unlocks nationwide. However, as individuals prepare to step in the office, the concern of virus is still on their shoulder. The office goes worry about the sanitation of the shared spaces as well as the crammed up interior design which makes social distancing almost impossible.

It’s quite understandable that no one saw the pandemic coming, which is why the business continuity plans couldn’t work to combat it. Although, there might be a better option already available in the real-estate market that works perfectly for the said concerns. Coworking spaces or managed office spaces have always focused on aesthetically functional designs that promote the boost of productivity of the occupants. The idea was to create a community where everybody could network and learn from one another while working on their business or passion. The high-class design came with an affordable pricing which manages to cut down the overhead costs. Let us dive deeper into how coworking spaces are actually the best workplace option for a world dealing with COVID-19.

  1. Cost-Effective

Like mentioned above, coworking workspaces are quite pocket friendly. They help you exclude the Capex and minimise the Opex costs. The shared office spaces cut down the chances of distraction to manage the space; one just needs to focus on their agenda of the day while the rest of the stuff is taken care of. Earlier, the spaces offered a lock-in period, but concerning the current situation, providers are offering day, week or even monthly passes without any lock-in period at a quite affordable price.

  1. Flexible

Coworking spaces offer optimal flexibility to its occupants. The world is moving towards the flex economy. The strategy of traditional offices where all work out of head office is not lucrative in the current scenarios. It’sIt’s ideal for dissecting the micro-teams into flexible offices while data-sensitive functions stay at the head office. This will enable the teams to attain a learning opportunity while maintaining the flexibility to work from anywhere.

Occupants can also add or subtract the number of booked desks whenever there is any change in the strength of the office. One simply has to pay for the amount of space used. Such flexibility, however, is not possible in traditional spaces.

To sum up

It was realised on an unanimous front that work from home couldn’t be the ultimate option. While it seemed refreshing in the initial phases, work from home surely brought many disadvantages to the surface like lack of team collaboration, productivity and the blurred lines between personal and professional life. Hence, everyone is enthusiastic to join back the office under safe and virus-free environment. It is upon the management to provide the very best space for their teammates to work together and produce great results and accelerate the growth of the company. For those who are waiting for post-pandemic, here’s a question -We all foresee the end of COVID-19, but, for how long we will put our lives on pause?

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