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The new normal of Real- estate office space

The new normal of Real- estate office space

The new normal of Real- estate office space

The unprecedented crisis in the form of the virus has affected on the global front. India has faced the four extensions of lockdown, and three unlocks. Yet, the current threat to the global economy is quite evident with the constraint in cash flow. A lot of employees have already faced pay cuts and even layoffs, and many more companies are juggling with the various ways. However, this cannot be the ultimate option. The involuntary Global work from home pulled across various pros and cons. Where, on one hand, the authoritative and personnel were forced to smoothen out the trust gap and increase productivity; on the other, the lack of micro team collaboration was affecting the work quality.

The debate since then has been live where industry leaders discuss about work from home or work from the office, in the new normal. However, the current situation calls for a more flexible option where corporates seek the comfort of the employees rather than the comfort of the company. It is imperative to know that the employees are going to be productive in an environment they feel safe and not feel like a carrier of the virus while going home. Hence, a problem like this gave rise to the innovative solution at Qdesq.

The teams at Qdesq deliberated upon the careful resolution of work from home after noticing a pattern of lack of effective collaboration within micro-teams as well the blurred lines between personal and professional life. The idea was to bring employees back to the office setting to boost their productivity, morale, and zeal. The company prepared work near home initiative where flexible office spaces were available on a per-day basis excluding any lock-in period or security deposit. These places were fully managed and properly sanitized following the precautionary and check measures issued by the government. Everyone at the centres went through thermal screening before entering the space and practiced social distancing.

The team members experienced a renewed passion for the work and were more willing to visit the office on an alternative basis. The reviewed result gave rise to Qpro – the need of the hour initiative which provided effective, aesthetic, and affordable office spaces at premium venues and prime locations excluding lock-in period and security deposits. Qpro helped many companies to shift to micro offices in city wise as well as state-wise plans, debunking the idea of only working out of head office.

The idea of on-demand spaces is the definition of new normal in terms of office space, where it is not about visiting the office as a rule rather than working from it as per your need. The managed spaces reduce Opex and terminate Capex along with overhead costs. Contemporary times call for flexibility and the companies that offer it will be preferred by skilled professionals in the future.

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