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Together – Composition to build the Awesome Organization

Together - Composition to build the Awesome Organization - Qdesq

These days, I am rubbing my mind against something and now finally, am able to pen down about the most delightful composition for growing organisations and how to evaluate fitment of team members.

I have identified 4 categories/fitments for Organisations, small or big, Startup or an Enterprise:

  • Revenue Generators or ROI catalyst, The Stars
  • This category comprises of usually the sales, business development or transaction team. The ones who are born to acquire business and are proud and passionate about their work/organisation. They strive on numbers and growth. They are also the brand ambassadors and image of the company. They have a charisma around them and possess great networking skills. The best ones in this categories are usually achievers of revenue to the tune of 7x-20x of their CTC. Their rise to leadership is extremely positive and receptive.

  • Innovation and Efficiency catalyst, the backbone
  • This category includes operations and technology team, backend support staff. They work tirelessly to ensure that whatever the company does, its in the system and is process-driven, friction less and in a cost effective way. They ensure and foster great climate for Category 1 to perform and gain limelight.

  • Visionaries and Strategist
  • Team members falling in this category are limited in numbers but carry a DNA of creating an impact and disruption. They are backed by superhuman kind of energy and optimism. They do not have mindset of complaining, blaming and defense. In fact, are totally opposite, which means the problem is an opportunity for them. They are risk takers and big thinkers. They either have wealth of experience and exposure or have wealth of knowledge and greater consciousness.

  • The misfits and blockers
  • This category members posses a very different kind of energy even if they have amazing acumen. Their typical trait is similar to that of a critic, wherein they keep commenting/complaining about other people and situations especially company culture. They are always blaming or defending. “Either something is not good/correct or this is not meant for me”.

All companies depending on their nature of business and product/service line offered, would have a ratio /composition of 1:2:3:4.

As far as our company Qdesq (Flexible real estate technology platform) is concerned, the ideal composition would be 50:40:7:3.

You would be amazed why to even have 3% of category 4. Firstly, no organisation can have 0% since its extremely human conscious and behavior based. A reduced number is an ideal strategy. Secondly, they ensure that best practices and efforts are made by management and the team leads to foster healthy organisational climate.

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