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Turnaround your Real Estate Portfolio with Expertise from Qdesq

Turnaround your Real Estate Portfolio with Expertise from Qdesq

Turnaround your Real Estate Portfolio with Expertise from Qdesq

The global outbreak of the Novel Coronavirus (Covid-19) has been affecting businesses across the globe. With many businesses being forced to scale back, slow down, or shut down entirely, the atmosphere of uncertainty in the business world is palpable. With the global economy in recession, it’s starting to feel like no industry is truly safe from the effects of the outbreak. The Real Estate sector has been adversely impacted leaving organisations to realign themselves in these difficult times and reinforce their workspace requirements.

At Qdesq we’ve understood that all businesses invest a huge amount of Capex and take up extravagant spaces in delivering the right work environment to their employees. And with the current situation of employees being forced to work from home or work near home, it has imposed organisations to rework on their real estate investments/strategies. This has led them to suffer on a large scale, as they are unable to cut down on their rentals or exit from their current premises leaving them coughing up huge amounts of money towards paying regular rents, maintaining their premises, managing operating expenses despite the facility being underutilized.

Qdesq will aid by helping organisations in establishing an opportunity with operators and assist them in optimizing their real estate portfolio by working on various models by keeping an open line of communication with organisational needs. Wherever possible, we will reassure and provide unconditional support and flexibility. This is a time for understanding your business requirement and providing the best possible solution, enabling organisations to sustain and optimize costs.

Being a premier destination and the nation’s largest tech-enabled platform for today’s workforce to search, sort, and select a flexible workspace, without the hassle of a lease or brokerage and moreover completely Free of Charge. Simultaneously, we can also help you to monetize on unused and vacant workspace inventory of work desks, meeting rooms, cabins, and private suites.

What makes us unique is that we, continuously explore & research the dynamics of coworking, shared offices, business centers, subleases, and direct landlord space. We focus on workspace themes like flexibility, sustainability, and growth. Our statistics include average rents for offices in major markets across the country. Gain insights into workplace mobility, remote teams, modular office design. That’s not all, If you have some bigger assignments in the pipeline or if short of time, our spectrum allows us to create strategic alliances between an operator who takes up your business center area either on the lease or on MG/revenue share.

This is also a great time to review business’ operational risks. Take stock of your real estate investments and other operational aspects and create a comprehensive checklist to prepare you for a future when you are able to resume operation, once the socioeconomic conditions of the world have resolved themselves.

If you find that you can continue operating without being in distress, reach out to Qdesq and understand how we can impact your business.

While times are indeed tough, with the right approach and solution, the future doesn’t have to be bleak. We might just assist you to find some new inspiration in these trying times.

~~ By Pawan Hegde
Head – Enterprise & Revenue

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