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Wellness & Productivity – Is your workspace an all-rounder?

Happy International Yoga Day!

Evolution of modern workspaces

There is a complete revolution in the co-working space solutions being provided to the office place seekers nowadays.In earlier days, the traditional workspaces required huge investments because of the requirement of purchase or lease of property and were typically out of reach for the start-ups and small entrepreneurs. Now, with the advent of modern co-working spaces, the small entrepreneurs are also able to make their dreams come true with the small investments. The entrepreneurs pay for what they use in the co-working spaces. In co-working spaces, the employees share the working place with low set-up costs, customized design, free amenities and can increase or decrease their scale of operations at any point in time. Due to numerous advantages, the co-working spaces are growing at a fast pace and around 13 million people would be working in these spaces by 2020 in India.

Importance of Wellness and its impact on productivity

The proper health and well-being of employees is important and can save the huge cost of the company. Due to this reason, the companies are preferring wellness programs for their employees at workplaces which include yoga sessions, health check-ups, healthy snacks, and on-site fitness centers. The healthy employees contribute more towards the achievement of organizational goals through their enhanced productivity levels. The co-working spaces also bring solutions for the health care of the employees. The modern co-working office spaces are designed in such a manner that the designs and colors help to reduce the stress levels of employees. The on-site gym facilities and yoga sessions lead to higher productivity levels of the employees. Hence, the companies can implement wellness programs for their employees in the co-working spaces easily at minimum additional costs. 

Wellness programs 

The different types of wellness programs being implemented at the modern co-working spaces include:

1)    Colors and light effects

The workplace may be designed in a manner to include soft colors and proper lighting which can reduce the anxiety levels of the employees.

2)    Yoga, Zumba and gym sessions

The co-working spaces are equipped with gym facilities nowadays. Also, the yoga sessions and Zumba classes are held from time-to-time to maintain the well-being of the employees.

3)    Personal space

The partitions or the provision of small cubicles at the workplace helps to provide the employees with the personal space and also reduce the noise levels. The reduction in noise levels contributes to soothing environment and  enhances the productivity of the employees largely.  

Selecting the appropriate co-working space

The employees are working in a challenging environment these days and it is important to take care of their health at the workplace. The selection of a high-quality co-working space is significant when finalizing the office for employees. The co-working spaces which offers a motivated, stress-free and suitable work environment should be selected. The Company Qdesq provides the co-working spaces in such a way that the natural elements are added at the workplace which improves the well-being of employees. The indoor plants are used by the company for rejuvenation. The employees have free admission to fitness centers, yoga rooms, gym, spas, etc. The company provides access to different wellness programs which has a positive impact on the health of individuals. 

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