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7 Types of People You Meet in a Coworking Office

 Coworking Space is a world in itself. As anyone can access a shared workspace, you will witness various personalities from freelancers to top managers, and from a startup to a big corporation, everyone is a part of a coworking space, and you won’t experience a dull day.  

The Freelancer

He is one of the classic examples of a loner. He is always on his laptop with earphones in and is utterly focused on his project. Freelancers are usually creative beings and are always working on their design or writing. This person typically starts  his day at his desk, but he ends up in quiet corners. One is often curious to know what he is up to, while he inspires everyone around to be more focused on their work. 

The Health Freak

She doesn’t believe in sitting down, as it can be terrible for your health; instead, she chooses to work from a standing desk. You can listen to her raving about her vegetable juice and salad from afar, and you always wonder how can someone be so healthy. She is always cheerful and full of energy, due to lack of extra sugary drinks. 

The V.I.P.

She is always dressed in a pantsuit, with a travel coffee mug in her hand and an earpiece. She seems quite important, and everyone is intimidated by her through default. When witnessed talking on the phone, she is most often cracking a deal, and that too a prominent one. She indirectly is an inspiration for everyone around her. 

The Social Bee.

She knows everyone and even shares secret jokes and conversations with almost all of them. This person can be really important as she is acquaintance with most and can come in handy if you need to get something done. She has many crazy stories from her various accounts with different people. Everyone adores the social bee status, and they light up after seeing her in the office, as we all love a familiar face. 

The Night Owl

He always enters the office around 8 p.m. and is in for the long haul. 24/7 access to the coworking space, gives him the flexibility to work in his most productive hours. With headphones on and black coffee next to him, he creates absolute masterpieces in these odd hours. 

The Multi-Tasker

She is always talking on her phone through the Bluetooth, coffee in one hand, and typing away on a laptop all at the same time. You hardly see her resting or taking a break, not even for eating lunch. She comes in early and stays in the office for long hours, and everyone admires her work ethic. 

The Startup Group

This is a group of overenthusiastic youngsters who have just started their startup. They are either on their laptop, talking with dealers/vendors, or in the meeting room, strategising their marketing plan. They are often found sharing different tips from a book written by a successful entrepreneur.  

Coworking is a vibrant space to be a part of. One never gets bored with his/her environment as something or the other is always happening. It is incredibly inspiring to see a variety of individuals working together. Though there can be different types of people in your Coworking Space, other than the ones mentioned above, but it is indeed fun to observe them.

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