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8 Ways Coworking Spaces Are Changing the Culture of Work

Whether you are a freelancer, an entrepreneur or a startup, you need an office space which is affordable yet professional. Coworking is the latest trend to hit the commercial real estate market and is here to stay. 

Similarly, the property owners and building managers are adapting themselves to this new concept by allocating a part of the total space or developing and renting out the idle and vacant spaces as coworking space. This change in the perceptions indicates a shift in the current work culture.

Coworking can be explained as a public office space, dedicated to individual work with occasional collaboration and networking. It allows freelancers to work in an official corporate environment without the strings attached. Let’s discuss how it impacts the workflow and the culture of work ethics as a whole.

1. Networking Opportunities :

The most obvious benefit of working in coworking spaces is that you have ample opportunities to constantly grow your network with other members and “co-workers”. You can seek professional help or even develop casual friendships during the breaks and events. This kind of networking opportunity is not present in an independent or home setup.

 2. Affordable Space :

Speaking of premium commercial spaces, coworking spaces are highly affordable to startups, freelancers and SME’s. You will pay only for your desk. The fees generally include all the amenities and facilities provided like meeting room, tea-coffee vending machine, internet service and many times a pantry is also the part of the deal. This makes coworking a great and affordable choice. The low price point coupled with the ability to talk to others in your field and better your skill set is a great advantage for any freelancer and startups.

3. Minimal Paperwork : 

Given the centralized administrative nature of coworking spaces, members need not worry about paperwork beyond their contractual obligations. The management and staff of space always take care of the paperwork necessary to operate on their premises. This alleviates a lot of unnecessary burden and allows workers to focus on their work. Though you are liable to manage your bookkeeping and taxes yourself, many times the management provides vendors for these additional services at nominal costs. This whole support system provided, is at times enough for inexperienced freelancers and startups to consider coworking for their office setups. 

 4. Seminars & Events :

To provide industry updates about the latest trend in the market, coworking companies often organize seminars and events on their premises. These seminars are based on in-demand skills.

So while working in the coworking space, you will always find something new to look forward to. Keeping in mind the work schedules of the members, these events predominantly take place during the weekend or at late hours. These career development workshops and seminars contribute to a more balanced, knowledgeable, and skilled culture of work.

 5. Workflow : 

While  coworking spaces offer a lot of amenities and networking opportunities for work and development, the management also conducts a plethora of fun activities and events for its members. The intention is to provide a breather between long work hours and stress from the work.

You will often find the recreational areas like game rooms, lounges, lazy bags, in quirky fun environments, around the coworking space. These spaces provide an incentive to establish professional and personal contacts for later use. This also affects your productivity, a refreshed and energized mind results in better output and work motivation. 

6. Creating your own Space : 

This is the new catching up trend in the coworking space industry. These are tailor-made, fully operational workspace, customized and build as per the occupant’s specific requirements. By these managed space, as they are called, you can create and brand your own space to call it your own.

 7. Multiple Locations : 

Co-working spaces providers generally have offices at different locations within the city or around the country. Nowadays they offer a passport program which allows you to work at their different locations for a designated number of hours. This trend of flexible choice to work at any preferred location is catching up with especially if you are a frequent traveler or an entrepreneur who wants to avoid the long travel hours.

 8. Quality of time : 

As it’s always said, the quality of time you spent on your work gives you a better result than the quantity of time spent at the work desk. This space can be your home, a coffee shop or a co-working space. 

Coworking space provides a happy work environment which makes you more productive so you don’t have to spend long unproductive hours on the desk. Adaptable work environment is the latest tradition where your work matters more than the 9 to 5 desk time. 

 Coworking office space is a breakthrough in terms of allowing individuals and startups to build on their dreams in a safe corporate environment.

However, it’s important to consider all your requirements when deciding on the workspace. The best way to decide and find your space is to visit us at Qdesq and talk to our associates. We work with you and assist you in your search for a workspace and community as per your specifications without any brokerage or fees.

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