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Advantages of Serviced and Managed Office Space

Advantages of Serviced and Managed Office Space - Qdesq

What is Serviced and Managed Office?

A managed and serviced office is a furnished and fully-equipped office space, managed by an operator. Here, the operators, as per the availability, rent out a single workstation or the whole floor to their clients, giving them access to ready-to-use office space on flexible terms.

These Serviced and Managed offices have now become an integral part as various startups/businesses/self-employed people are always on a hunt  for low investment and flexible terms for procuring office space.

Further, the advantage of using such office is that there is no hidden cost. The price offered is inclusive of maintenance, facility costs, and furnishing, giving it an edge over the conventional leased office spaces. This gives an added advantage to businesses to scale up or down as per their requirement and business plans.

Advantages of Serviced Offices

  1. Available on Flexible terms, short-term as well as long-term leases: The rentals of a Serviced office are flexible, and many spaces offer contracts for even a day/week and even one month. Hence, this is added advantage for businesses as they can expand or reduce in line with their business plan at a short notice.
  2. Cost-effective: Here, you pay only for the seat/seats you are using in a serviced office. Since these offices are fully furnished and ready to move in, you also have access to other facilities provided by the office. This means no downtime while moving in, resulting in extra cash that can be used for other business priorities.
  3. Access to other facilities offered by the venue: With the booking of a serviced office, you also get entitled to use of other services like reception, kitchen, cleaning and maintenance services, and meeting rooms. Many venues also give access to the use of a Printer/Photocopier, Parking space, availability of tea/coffee, etc. Businesses can also access additional pay-as-you-use services and facilities.
  4. Access to new markets: These Serviced and Managed offices are available in several locations around the world, giving businesses a wide choice catering to their convenience. This gives easy budgeting to businesses while setting up at an address. Nevertheless, it also provides access to other business centres around the world.

Largest serviced office markets in India:

The operators who manage serviced offices are responsible for maintaining the facilities and accommodating businesses. Whether a single seat is required or a full floor, depending on the number of employees and business plan, spaces can be configured for the best results.

End-users of Serviced Offices?

  • Start-ups and Self-employed: Serviced offices are perfect for self-employed, small businesses, and startups looking for flexible office space without being tied down to long-term contracts. As it is based on Pay-as-you-use, it helps in easy budgeting with no hidden charges.
  • Businesses expanding into new markets: It is ideal when you want to expand your business into new regions or countries, wherein, you also get access to business centers around the world with flexible short-term rental options.
  • Businesses experiencing growth: When businesses operating from conventional leased space outgrow, these offices offer an interim space for their employees or teams.
  • Project-based businesses: When businesses need to work in a particular location for a short period, then these serviced and ready-to-move-in offices come as a relief to them with flexible short-term contracts.

Find a Serviced Office in your area or discover the other types of office space we offer, including:

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