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Benefits of Coworking Day Pass

Benefits of Coworking Day Pass- Qdesq

With COVID shifting the world, it’s good to open up our platform to a broader group of people and make it as flexible as humanly possible. So they can now book a room for a half-hour or get a coworking day pass

–Prabhdeep Singh, WeWork’s global head of marketplace spoke about their new strategy of unbundling their space.

2020 has, undoubtedly, transformed the way we work. An extended period of being trapped and working from home has taught us many lessons – perhaps the most crucial one for many professionals is that the job for which they traveled for hours can actually be done remotely, and in most cases, with greater efficiency and output. This realization that one can now work from anywhere is already reshaping the demands of the workforce, and also creating a wider variety of roles and contracts for talent all across the globe.

Why Work From Home Is Becoming Work Near Home

While many are enjoying the current flexibility, the minimal structure, and almost zero commutes has blurred the demarcation between personal and professional life. Consequently, this schedule mostly leaves us working long past the time we should have clocked off – replying to emails late at night from bed, or reading through project plans before our morning coffee.

Also, swapping an office chair with a living room sofa, taking phone calls from the bathroom to avoid background noises, or having to skip important meetings because of poor internet, after all, has been quite a struggle for many. With swelling opportunities of remote working, it’s only natural for professionals to hunt for suitable environments based on their job profile and working style.

Flexi Day pass by Qdesq

The Perfect Marriage Between Stability and Flexibility

Experiments with coworking spaces are on the rise and coworking memberships are proving to be productivity enhancers. Opting to work in a coworking office ensures you have a place to arrive every morning, a structured day, and yet the freedom to wrap up as per your convenience.

If you serve as an independent consultant and work from a different coffee shop every day, it’s easy to upgrade and secure a short-term workspace. A day pass lets you experience coworking for a day by offering access to the office facilities. This way you can test the various environments available in your city before picking a permanent spot. Purchasing a one-time day pass is a good option for those new to the system of flexible working, and also for freelancers who don’t want to commit to a monthly membership. In fact, in this digital age, a day coworking pass is the final piece that completes the puzzle of transient work life.

Some who wish to explore different sceneries or frequently travel to new destinations deliberately seek to rent a desk for only a day. Work from anywhere is not a dream anymore with high-speed internet, printer, a comfortable seat, vibrant surroundings, gourmet snacks, and even coworkers with similar interests in any city being just a swipe away. Moreover, the coworking setup offers an ideal arrangement to invite potential clients for meetings. However, the cost-saving aspect still remains the top scorer when listing the benefits of a flexible pass, especially in cities with soaring real estate prices.

A De-densifying Solution

Post the Covid-19 pandemic, the employees are gradually returning to the office and the companies are planning to bring them back in phases over the next two to three months.

Conventional workspace providers are fairly rigid and do not offer the necessary infrastructural support for growth and downsizing options. They also have limited facilities and amenities. In short, they do not possess sufficient capabilities to accommodate the current requirements of businesses. With many office occupiers now leaning towards de-densifying their office spaces and exploring ways to integrate better building ventilation, cleaning, and touchless technology, the conventional workspaces prove to be a limiting factor.

The day pass allows the concept of distributed workspace to take over without any additional investment from businesses. Rather, the coworking space partners provide fully equipped ready-to-move-in office spaces to their members on flexible lease options to help them function in full swing.

Coworking passes offer a win-win for everyone. The employees get to enjoy the vibe of open and inspirational work environments by simultaneously being able to ensure their safety, the employers get to save on the cost of supporting everyone under the same roof, and also opening more options to hire cream talent regardless of their location.

Almost all coworking brands in major cities offer a day pass with standard amenities. Whether you are a hustling nomad who cannot put roots down or someone who prefers a real, settled office space, coworking offers the solution to both. And if you decide to switch from former to latter, you’ll save over the day pass rate as well. Coworking day passes are, hence, a great way to test waters and identify the features you need in your professional space.

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