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Benefits of having a flexible work space for your business

Flexible is the latest buzzword in the professional world. Whether it is flexible  working hours, flexible work opportunities or flexible co-working spaces, it does seem that people are connecting more with this word. Attractive and feasible  options for start-ups, these are luring well-established companies too. Perhaps owing to their umpteen benefits like better work-life balance, enhanced motivation levels, higher job satisfaction and innovative work culture. However, before narrowing down on one, it is imperative to understand the advantages that one can have for their business if choosing a flexible working space. Here is a curated list of six essential benefits:

1. Cost-effective Solution:

Flexible workplaces are the perfect cost-effective solution, creating a win-win situation for the employers as well as the employees. While the employers curb on any overhead costs, the employees enjoy benefits on travel cost. There is also a  viable option of streamlining workplace by reducing or changing the number of  workstations required as per demand or choosing a place which is fully furnished without having to worry about the essential office amenities. These help to save hundreds of bucks along with having a stress-free solution. Aptly befitting the flexible jargon, it allows modifications as per need, without causing a hole in the pocket. Overall, a flexible workplace promises a reliable, feasible and long-term model.

2. Collaborative work culture :

Collaborative work culture is the prime goal of a flexible co-working space, allowing a platform to network and brainstorm ideas with different people. The culture of collaboration inevitably invites innovative solutions, which in turn helps to boost business. Thanks to the various online collaboration tools like Slack and Zoom, employees get to interact with other employees sitting at different time zones and exchange ideas, mutually beneficially for them.

3. Retaining a talented workforce :

Retaining talented workforce is becoming crucial for every business, and a flexible working option helps to maintain them effortlessly. Offering a better life-work balance along with improving the overall wellness of the employees aids in increasing their morale and satisfactory quotient, thus ensuring their loyalty to the company. These factors further help the company to retain them easily by suiting a work environment that befits their schedule. Such a set-up fosters retention of workforce.

4. Increased productivity and performance :

Quality not the quantity of work matters for yielding results and a flexible co-working space helps in promoting the same. Having an uninterrupted environment where one can focus on one work, think out of the box, and network with a diverse resource for brainstorming critical solution helps in increasing  productivity by a great extent. Less travel, ability to work around one comfortable time zone are some  of the factors that contribute in improving their overall performance by a marginal amount.

5. Widens your talent pool :

One of the most significant benefits of having a flexible working space is that one gets access to a diverse talent pool; without any hassles or additional operational costs. So, this essentially means, tapping talent, who is sitting across the globe or those you are unable to travel. This also helps in increasing your sales territory, as one gets the option of working with companies in different time zones. The broader base of diverse talent is undoubtedly a great advantage for your business.

6. Helps in creating a unique branding :

Carving a niche for one business is imperative to strive in today’s competitive world. A flexible workplace helps to brand one as an individual company offering flexible working options, which becomes a unique selling point for your business. Potential clients, as well as employees, would be attracted  awards you as the millennial is slowing shifting towards a flexible work culture.

Qdesq is one of the largest technical platforms offering range of flexible workplaces across India. We envisage a collaborative workplace which is beneficial to boost your business by offering solutions which are befitting your demands. Get in touch with our experts today!

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