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Most common mistakes people make while choosing Coworking Spaces.

Young entrepreneurs, freelancers and startup owners were already a prominent part of the coworking industry, but now major corporations are starting to get more attracted to the growing trend of shared spaces. While working in a shared office can be beneficial for the growth of your business; choosing the wrong coworking space can have the exact opposite result. In order to avoid the selection of an incompatible coworking space, one needs to be cautious about certain points.

Location Matters 

Convenience is the most important factor when it comes to a coworking space. In order to retain employees, one must refrain from booking a shared space in a remote area. A good location is essential for several reasons – an easier commute draws potential employees and impresses clients. The location should be easily accessible through public transport, have a parking space, and food joints should be in walking distance. These small, added benefits work wonders to create a pro-working environment. 

Inquire About Amenities 

Booking a coworking gives you access to various amenities and facilities. The shared space offers Flexi seats, cabins and meeting rooms. One needs to inquire whether all these amenities are included in your package and if not, then what all extra charges will be incurred if you choose to book one. So, before booking a coworking space, check all the facilities that you can access in your budget. 

Additional Charges 

Inquiring about additional charges are often missed while choosing a coworking space. You may often need an extra cabin; maybe increased speed of the internet or availability of a seat for a few hours etc. these requirements must be discussed before selecting a coworking space. 

Understanding your lease 

Most coworking spaces offer a contract of at least one year, but some coworking spaces offer contracts for a shorter time. You can also ask whether you and your team can access the space for a month or two to get ahold of the place and understand the work environment. Once you and your team members get comfortable in the shared space, then you can gladly extend the term. 

Appropriate Environment

Many coworking spaces are designed to cater to every specific need of business. Hence, one needs to understand before booking a coworking space, whether the environment is suitable for your company. One needs to consider the different companies he/she is going to work with, as competition shouldn’t be present in close proximity. 


Various professionals have access to a shared space; this raises the question of whether your documents, soft files are safe in the coworking space. Theft is a rarity in a coworking space, but one needs to take into account whether the specific coworking space considers security their priority. The coworking space should be women and children friendly. Check for biometric check-ins and guards at the gate or the reception. CCTV cameras are a must, and one can also inquire from the people in the coworking space whether they ever had any incident hampering their security. 

Understand what you’re getting into

One of the prominent selling points of coworking spaces is “interactions”. However, not all kinds of networking can be fruitful for your company’s growth. Therefore, one should understand the milieu of a potential coworking space, whether it serves the networking need that you’re seeking. You must consider the importance of quality networking for you and your team rather than just socialising. 

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