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Sharing of office space to reduce rents and promote collaborative work environment

Sharing of office space to reduce rents and promote collaborative work environment | Qdesq

The present market shows a trend which is both dynamic and shifting. The best stroke to mitigate this altering market is to plan one’s business strategies that mirror such a trend. Shared office spaces have been the most compatible workspaces in recent times owing to this drifting trend.

Where private offices cost an arm and a leg especially for budding start-ups, Shared office spaces offer far more flexibilities in more ways than one.

Throwing light on the many perks offered by shared workspaces, we encapsulate the following:

  1. The complete Package
  2. From temporary hot desks to permanent offices, one has a handful of options to choose from. Whether the needs be hourly, monthly, daily, or yearly, shared workspaces have it all under a single roof. Since a client’s need may vary from month to month, shared office spaces have an upper hand over other workspaces owing to their implicit facilities. Maintenance is another aspect that won’t concern the user as a technical support team dashes right for the rescue.

  3. Pocket Friendly
  4. The most magnetic fact that drives one towards Shared office space is its price. With budget restraints all over, one would demand cutting of losses while renting a workspace. Private offices cost a luxury owing to furnished offices, buying office equipment, paying off utility bills, cleaning charges, maintenance charges, consenting to long-term leases, cash flow problems, paying rents when one can’t afford it or when an office space is no longer needed. Shared offices aid in pooling in the cost of utilities, internet, and office machines and at the same time provide perks in terms of short-term membership plans.

    Additionally, one can meet new vendors because it is a whole new market there, with buyers and suppliers and thus a collaborative community is created.

  5. A professional aura
  6. For those who find home a distraction, an escapade from a hectic schedule, a way of relaxation, which undoubtedly, many would abide by working away from home is the only pragmatic solution.

  7. But where?
  8. Private offices cost a fortune one fails to afford. Shared workspaces would serve the purpose single-handedly. They proffer a serene atmosphere where one can put his/her heart and soul into work, emanating professionalism at its core. Many like-minded people and a larger number of differently minded professionals come under the same umbrella. When freelancers and telecommuters and CEOs convene, problem-solving, business building, and comprehensive growing becomes far more efficient than that nestled in the four walls of a private room or one’s comfortable home.

  9. Network Building
  10. Business presently is synonymous with Smart Work. Contact building is a major tool to make smart work handy. Since one business needs another to prosper, opportunities not only knock but bang the door in shared office spaces.  Best suited for novice and still worthy for the experienced, shared offices offer an interactive platform to business owners from conglomerate strata to conjoin together and boost one’s business.

    Simultaneously, where home offices can be restrictive to creative juices, share offices boost the same.

  11. Time Management
  12. For ones with a witty mind and lousy body, shared workspaces prove a fuel. Getting out of their homes and inching towards yet another day of collaborative working teaches a great deal about managing time which has greater worth than money.  Keeping one distant from the regular chaos at home- delivery boys, kids, neighbors, friends, cricket, food, comfort, and much more, shared office space always shows you the mirror into the real world, the progress of your counterparts, and an incessant motivation to keep going.

    Thus, from cutting the expenses to a minimal, shared office space provides a constant nudge towards business building and allows one to break the miasmic and restricted walls of home offices and dip a toe to the outside world.

    Collaborative Office Environment

    Collaborative Office Environment

  13. Here work is fun, amongst the many, you are one!
  14. Via Qdesq, the task of seeking shared office space has become less cumbersome and more reliable. The Qdesq team fairly promises its clients the most optimum services conjoined with the following features:

    Advantages of Sharing office space - qdesq

    Feel home at Qdesq and become a part of this collaborative community.

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