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Top 5 Benefits of Green Coworking Spaces

Top 5 Benefits of Green Coworking Spaces - Qdesq

Coworking spaces are no longer a new concept adopted by start-ups and freelancers. With the ever-changing landscape of work, several companies and businesses are now incorporating new work styles as an alternative to traditional office settings. Numerous trends make up the modern coworking space. These spaces need to be designed to benefit more than just practical needs, as many people now place importance on mindful consumerism. Hence, shared workspaces must be designed with an environmentally forward conscience. When sustainability is at the forefront of thought, it becomes evident the different ways consumers can significantly benefit from green coworking spaces.

Let’s take a look at the top 5 benefits of green coworking spaces.

  1. Designed for Increased Productivity, Creativity and Motivation
  2. Designed for Increased Productivity, Creativity and Motivation - Qdesq

    Design is a core element of making coworking spaces attractive and inviting. Green coworking spaces add value that is more than just pleasing aesthetics. It must be mindfully designed to promote productivity, inspire creativity, and develop motivation. Green coworking spaces distinguish themselves from other office spaces by including mindful eco-friendly features designed and created using plants, open spaces, natural light, water, and fresh air.
    A study on The Impact of Green Buildings on Cognitive Function found that Cognitive Function Test scores doubled when the indoor environmental quality improved through ventilation. Another research study from the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health found that even modest improvements in indoor environmental quality had a profound impact on decision-making performance.

  3. Community Building and Relationships
  4. Community Building and Relationships - Top 5 Benefits of Green Coworking Spaces - Qdesq

    Greenery in coworking spaces provides a relaxing and peaceful atmosphere. It can contribute to enhanced focus on work as well as nurture positive relationships. It is significant because community building and maintaining positive and beneficial relationships are crucial aspects of shared working spaces. Green coworking spaces lend themselves to a more collaborative environment fostering harmony and support. It reminds people to be more mindful of themselves and of those they work alongside.

  5. Promotes a Healthy Work Environment
  6. Promotes a Healthy Work Environment - Top 5 Benefits of Green Coworking Spaces - Qdesq

    Green Spaces with a lot of plants promote an inviting and stress-free environment. Whether physical or mental, employee well-being has never been more significant than at this moment as companies and their employees are transitioning back from remote work. With tight deadlines and big goals, many coworking spaces strive to create an environment that encourages mindfulness. They aim to provide consumers with an area appropriate to fuel their brains. Community workspaces initiate group activities like meditation or yoga that aim to alleviate stress.

    Apart from this, a more obvious benefit of green coworking spaces is improved air quality. Ensuring that coworking spaces are built using eco-friendly and sustainable materials benefits the structure long term. Additionally, it positively impacts the prime stakeholders – The Consumers. Natural light and improved ventilation are hallmarks of a shared workspace that promotes a healthy work environment.

  7. Reduces Carbon Footprint and Improves Sustainability
  8. Reduces Carbon Footprint and Improves Sustainability - Top 5 Benefits of Green Coworking Spaces - Qdesq

    According to The Carbon Brief Profile, India is the third-largest emitter of carbon dioxide in the world. In 2018, a report by The Union of Concerned Scientists highlighted that India produces 2.65 billion metric tonnes CO2 emissions, which is 6.8% of the total Global Emissions. Therefore, it is imperative to address these issues as the consequence of increased carbon dioxide emissions is evident through global warming.

    Green Coworking spaces are environmentally conscious spaces noted to reduce carbon footprint by reducing paper waste, saving electricity, water conservation, and digital proficiency. In addition, plants lower the temperature allowing companies to use plans to save energy creatively. Using eco-friendly, natural cleaning products and energy-saving office equipment are more examples of building an eco-conscious sustainable coworking space. In addition, coworking spaces improve accessibility as they are strategically located to reduce commute.

  9. Shared Spaces and Resources
  10. Shared Spaces and Resources - Top 5 Benefits of Green Coworking Spaces - Qdesq

    In its essence, coworking spaces are green. It is because coworking spaces support the sharing of space and other resources, reducing wastefulness. Usually, they serve as a workspace for several businesses that may have otherwise been operating from separate buildings, each with different administrative costs that add to the carbon footprint of that company. For these reasons, coworking spaces naturally lend themselves to being green.

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